Northern Territory, Australia

The Dream is Over – Life Beyond Katherine

My time as a man of leisure couldn’t last forever. School is finished and we’re leaving Katherine. No more house husband duties – it’s time to get back to fishing and camping. We’re heading to Queensland via an outback bush track called Savannah Way, weather permitting. There’s already been a heap of rain so the track may not be passable in which case we’ll hit the bitumen.

Our last night we went to the Country Club for a drink with Tash and her mum Judy, who came up from Perth for a quick tour of Northern Territory with Tash before they both head back to Perth for Christmas.

Bye Katherine, we’ll miss you. Especially Joe, who’ll miss the lazy days doing whatever he pleases whilst Sharni brought home the bacon.

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    • Our location is so remote and inaccessible that even the Mayan Gods won’t be able to unleash their terror upon us, unless they have a Hilux. In any case there’s not enough people here to justify the cost of deploying a meteorite or volcano.

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