Angkor Wat

Time for Cambodia’s national symbol and premier tourist attraction: Angkor Wat. We stayed several days in Siem Reap, the town adjacent to Angkor Wat. Our visit to the temple was delayed a few days, with both of us firing liquid napalm, suffering from a case of the squirts. We spent a few days recovering in Siem Reap, mostly confined to our hotel bathroom.

We were still feeling a little weak when we visited Angkor Wat. Combine that with stifling heat and humidity meant it was tough going.

We saw a huge quantity of people taking artistic shots with big fancy cameras. It’s a funny feeling taking photos of something that is so photographed by so many people with better skills and better equipment. To make our photos more personal we created some highly artistic, emotive shots. Some of my favourites I describe in detail below:

Towards the light: Here I’m depicting hope. From within the dark confines of the corridor there exists a light at its outer margin. This represents the journey towards a better future.

Progress – New vs Old: The grey, pitted surface of the old lion contrasts against the smooth, shiny veneer that encompasses modern life. Has civilization really progressed? What happens when you look below the surface?

Against nature: Here I am making a statement about man’s constant battle against nature. The rubble represents a lost battle. It seems that in the end nature will always triumph. Maybe it’s time we stop fighting against nature?

Relative Perspective: What we see depends on where we are looking from. A metaphoric window can obscure our perspective, blinding us from the views of others and causing conflict. The moment mankind learns to consider the views of others, we can live in peace.

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