Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Kampong Cham is a nice little town on the Mekong River in Cambodia. The further away we got from the big ticket tourist attractions, the less we disliked Cambodia. Even maybe started to like it. The people got much friendlier. The constant attempts to rip us off became fewer. Kampong Cham was also quite clean and the riverfront was a pleasant place to walk along and sample some local food and beer. Not much to do here though. We hired a pushbike and rode it across a rickety bamboo bridge to an island in the Mekong called Kaoh Pan. The bridge gets swept away and rebuilt after every wet season. It was excellent to ride through some sleepy villages, see the kids smiling and playing and waving and giving us high fives as we rode by. Some kids rode their bikes along side us asking “hello what is your name?” Got some noodles at a local roadside eatery where Sharni enjoyed holding a Cambodian baby. It amazes us how friendly, outgoing and resilient the children are in Southeast Asia. Very rare are they seen crying or upset. After the noodles we got back on the bikes and headed to our guesthouse in town. It started getting really hot and humid in the early arvo so we were suffering by the time we got back. A cold beer and mango fruit shake sorted that out.

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