Cooktown, Queensland

Cooktown is of course the location where Captain Cook beached his ship for repairs in 1770. We camped on the side of the road on the way to Cooktown and ended up on the side of the road again the next night. We tried staying in the council’s cheap camping area in town but we got asked to move on due to politics related to the adjacent caravan park. We couldn’t find anywhere to camp in town for less than $35 a night and since we had a shower and cleanup at Daintree Village only two nights before we thought it wasn’t worth it. We stayed at Annan River bridge a few km south of Cooktown which is a really nice spot to camp and go fishing too. In Cooktown we climbed Mt Cook (no leeches) which took a couple of hours return. We saw heaps of geckos so we took a photo of one. Then we went to the markets, bought a massive avacado, did some shopping and stocked up on fuel and supplies in readiness for heading into the remote Cape York region. Cooktown is the last civilization we’ll see in a while.

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