Daintree and CREB Track

We planned to do a famous offroad track, the CREB track, through the Daintree rainforest and it’s accessed from Daintree Village so that is where we stayed. We relaxed in the caravan park at Dintree village and Joe had a quick flick of a lure in the Daintree River without success. After that we went back to camp and chatted with another couple who were also going to do the CREB the next day. We organized to do it together so we had help in case we got stuck.

The CREB track is an old power authority maintenance track which cuts through the Daintree rainforest. There are some very steep slopes to navigate and it’s impassable when wet because the clay surface becomes too slippery. It had rained a few days before we tackled it but fortunately had dried out enough to be driveable. We hit a few wet patches which resulted in some instant sideways sliding. The wet stuff is extremely slippery. On one of the steepest declines we managed to touch up our side steps a little bit just like we did on another 4WD track on the Northern Territory. The track was good fun – beautiful setting of the hills and rainforest and some good challenging slopes and pictureseuqe water crossings.

The CREB track passes by Roaring Meg Falls. We walked down the rough track from the carpark and had a look then pushed on complete the rest of the CREB. Heading further north we came upon Black Mountain where we stopped for some photos. Then we drove for a bit longer into the late afternoon before setting up camp on the side of the road just outside Cooktown at a dodgy gravel clearing we found from wikicamps called “chooks gravel pit.”

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