Chili Beach, Iron Range National Park

There are two things to know about Chili Beach. Wind and Coconuts. In that order. It was blowing a gale whilst we were there but apparently that is the norm. No place for fishing – cast into that head wind and your tackle will be behind you. Fortunately the camp sites are well protected from the wind and quite ok to camp at. The lack of fishing freed up some time to collect and process coconuts. Hundreds of coconut trees line the coast around Chili Beach. Most of the coconuts on the ground are old and rotten so you need to get them off the trees. Joe put together his gaff and fishing rod to make a coconut retriever. Coconuts can be a real pain to get down but the coconut retriever made it much easier. We ended up collecting around 3 brown coconuts, 6 green ones and one sprouted coconut. Joe recalled on survivorman that the core of a sprouted coconut was Les Stroud’s favourite. A “delectable treat” Les called it. Joe was not impressed. It had the consistency of sponge, was coarse and didn’t taste of much. Sorry Les you got it wrong. We ate and drank as much coconut product as we could, putting the rest in the fridge and freezer.

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