Musgrave, Cohen and Archer River

Musgrave and Archer River are a couple of roadhouses on the peninsular development road that you pass through whilst heading north towards the tip of Cape York. There’s some interesting history around these places with the early settlers and the telegraph line. Cohen is the last proper town for quite some distance heading north so we fuelled up at around $1.90 / litre ready to brave the $2.30 / litre prices that we will endure once closer to the tip. We camped a few km north of Cohen at a road side rest area right on a clean freshwater stream where we were able to rinse off a few days worth of accumulated camp scum and dust. Further north is Archer River Roadhouse, famous for it’s burgers. Of course we had lunch there on our way through. Joe enjoyed a steak sandwich whilst Sharni had the Archer Burger. The burgers were good and not too badly priced given the remote location. Worth it for sure.


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