Captain Billy’s Landing, Heathlands Reserve, Cape York

Captain Billy’s Landing is a spot in Cape York named after an aboriginal from the 1800’s who called himself Captain Billy. It was the site of an experimental cattle export venture during the 1960’s which is when the actual barge landing was built, the remnants of which can still be seen today. We camped here hoping for some fishing but the beach is shallow and there are no creeks within walking distance to fish. On top of that it was blowing a gale, overcast and occasionally drizzling. The camping area is completely exposed to the trade winds so we camped directly behind the shelter structure to get some relief from the relentless gale. We had the whole camping area to ourselves so no problems with hogging the shelter. No fishing but the shelter and tables gave Joe an opportunity to get his tools out and reattach the mudguard that came off on Frenchmans Track and repair the drawer front that had busted off from the many kms of corrugations. Plus just clean out some of the dust that had accumulated within the canopy. The canopy handles dust ok for most of the time but when we’re doing hundreds of km over bulldust then the dust does start to gather inside.

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