Fruit Bat, Eliot and Twin Falls, Cape York

After conquering Frenchmans Track  and fixing ourselves up at Captain Billy’s Landing we continued north on the old telegraph track towards the tip of Cape York. It was getting late so we camped up on the side of the track in a clearing near fruit bat falls. Next day we visited Fruit Bat Falls, Eliot Falls and Twin Falls – all beautiful spots that are made even better after being in the dust for a few days without a shower. Really picturesque locations with super clear rock pools and clean flowing water that’s perfect for swimming. Unfortunately it was cool and a bit overcast so not the best conditions for swimming but it was certainly refreshing. There’s some really good camp grounds at Eliot / Twin Falls but the Queensland government have made it impossible to pay – you need to book online even though it’s in a remote location very far away from any internet or phone reception. It’s a shame because the camping area is really good, good facilities, good spot. So we just checked out the falls, had a swim, used the toilets, filled up our water and then left to look for a camping area that was either free or physically possible to pay for.

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  1. Yes, that online booking/payment is a stupid idea thought up by city bureaucrats who would not dream of getting dirty out in the scrub !How are you supposed to know in advance exactly when you are going to get to some remote campsites ? Or how long you want to stay when you get there ..it might be a magic spot or a lousy one.

    • Yeah agreed it’s completely unworkable. It’s impossible to predict where you will be and where you want to stay when travelling in remote areas. We love staying in national parks in remote areas so we’ll be glad once we’re out of queensland so we can actually do it legally again. Watch out if you book a campsite for a few nights and end up moving on early – they won’t refund it because it was already an “active” booking. You can only get refunds before the start of the booking period.

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