Balgal Beach, Queensland

Where to go for the AFL grand final? We ended up picking a little town called Balgal beach because it’s on the beach and it has free camping. Can you believe the neighbours camping next to us were from Nollamara where Sharni grew up. The lady worked at the deli that Sharni used to frequent as a kid. They had fun chatting about the good ol’ days in Nollamara. Right near the free camping there’s a little lunchbar type shop called Fisherman’s Landing. We bought our cheapest beer to date at this joint – $3.40 for a stubbie of VB. Great value for aussie standards. And the food is good value too and pretty tasty. We had ourselves a feed of fish and chips for $9.

No TV at Fisherman’s Landing but there’s a little town on the main highway a few km inland from Balgal beach called Rollingstone. We wanted to leave the hilux set up at camp rather than packing up and losing our camping spot (it was busy, school holidays) so we hitch hiked to the pub and back. The locals are friendly and getting a lift was no probs. Not many people at the pub to watch the grand final with us – AFL is second to rugby up here. Watched the footy, dockers lost sadly, had a steak sandwich and a beer or two and then hitch hiked back to Balgal Beach.

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