Port Douglas Fishing Charter

After diving from Cairns we headed to Port Douglas where we had a fishing charter booked in. We got to Port Douglas in the evening and camped up by some sugar cane fields on the side of the road. Then it was an early start straight to the harbor where the charter departed from.

The charter was good apart from one major shortfall – no fish! One fella caught a nice trevally and sized cod and another guy caught a sized cod as well. The other 20 of us just caught undersized stuff. The boat was pretty full since it was school holidays which was a bit of a bummer. Joe caught a couple of small cod. Sharni caught one small cod but the crew chucked it overboard before we could get a photo. Bit disappointed with the lack of fish especially because of the great expense of the charter tickets. Oh well a day out on the water and a couple of brewskis is still a good day. Must be something about the conditions that’s making the fishing difficult up in North Queensland if you can’t catch fish from a boat. That’s a good excuse for Joe’s poor results fishing up the cape!

After done with the fishing charter we headed back south and stopped at a couple of the beach communities between Port Douglas and Cairns. Some nice spots along there. Then we kept going and camped up at a rest stop somewhere south of Cairns.

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