Great Barrier Reef Diving

Back to Cairns we go to spend more time in the region after we passed through on our way up the cape. Coming from Normanton we drove through the Atherton Table lands through the towns of Atherton and Mareeba and camped up on the side of the road. It’s a nice region, very picturesque, and the towns seem good too. We stopped off in Atherton to get ourselves a new fuel filter since the filter light had illuminated on the hilux a couple of days before.

We spent a day in Cairns looking at what diving tour we wanted to do and what fishing charter we wanted to do. Once sorted we set up camp at the caravan park and Joe got his tools out and went around the car tightening all the nuts and bolts since the car had been shaken to bits over the last few weeks driving to the tip and back.

Next morning it was off to the Great Barrier Reef for a diving tour. It was amazing. Joe and Sharni both loved it to the max. It’s a different world under the sea with the fields of coral and the marine life. We had awesome conditions – calm water, warm weather, sunshine, good water clarity. Sharni did three dives on two different reefs while Joe did an introductory dive where you get escorted by an instructor (Joe doesn’t have diving certification, missed out when he left South East Asia early for work) and he went snorkeling on the other reef. It was a tremendous day out, really enjoyed by all.

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