Cayman Islands

What a hectic two weeks of partying and activities we’ve had. First there was the wild bucks party in Jamaica. Then we were off to Cayman Islands for Kent and Elvi’s wedding. We had the wedding, plus wedding warm up parties, post wedding parties, Sharni’s 30th birthday, various dinners, free flowing rum, Cuban cigars, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, swimming and jet skiing.

The day after the wedding Kent and Elvi chartered a boat to stingray city which is a world renowned tourist attraction and a must see when visiting Cayman Islands. It’s such a unique activity to be able to touch and interact with so many stingrays. They are so gentle and soft and remain docile even when lifted out of the water. The presence of the barbed stinging tail, famous for being deadly dangerous, adds to the excitement. Sharni got pretty scared whenever she made contact with a stingray which resulted in a couple of nice photos.

Sharni did a few dives and we had a few rounds of snorkeling including a cruise on Kent’s boat to the Kittiwake wreck site. It was the first time we’ve snorkeled over a wreck so we had a good time checking it out.

We had a great week in Cayman and really enjoyed the wedding and catching up with Kent and Elvi and friends. No time to rest though. We’re off to New York next.

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