New York City, New York

From Cayman Islands and Kent’s wedding we jumped on a plane via Miami to New York City for just over a week. We stayed in Queens and communted into NYC because of Halloween and the NYC marathon making it extremely expensive to stay in Manhattan. Our friend’s Heidi and Elliot from Perth who are living in Torronto came down for a few days with us in NYC. It was nice to hang out with some good friends, thanks for coming guys. We enjoyed a busy schedule squeezing in all Manhattan had to offer including, Times Square, Broadway, Food and Flea Markets, Brooklyn Bridge, 911 Memorial, Yankee Stadium, Central Park, 5th and Maddison Avenues, Statue of Liberty, Rockafella Centre, Grand Central Terminal, NYC Library, MOMA and Metro Museums, Staten Island Ferry, lots of shopping and eating delicious doughnuts, cupcakes and hot dogs, catching the subway and generally enjoying ourselves roaming around the massive city. It’s huge! We barely made it out of Manhattan contrary to what we had planned. Sharni was extra excited whenever she saw a NYPD officer or any landmark featured in the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit TV series.

This is an outbackjoe record for the quantity of photos for one post. Usually we would have split them up into more detailed posts but we are so behind with the blog we thought we’d just pump them out.


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  1. From the outback to the Big Apple .. that’s even more extreme than my “outback to the Big Mango (aka Bangkok) LOL”. You must have been very busy to squeeze all that into 1 week !

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