Disney World, Florida

After New York we picked up our car that we left in Fort Lauderdale and discovered a bag of all our electronic gizmos including our hard drive with all our personal data and photos had been stolen out of our checked luggage at JFK Airport in NYC. What a pain in the butt. We had to waste a day chasing up the airline, TSA airport security and travel insurance. The bag wasn’t recovered so we will have to make an insurance claim.

After the bag drama we headed off to the world capital of theme parks, Orlando Florida. First we had a brief visit to Miami hoping to see some cool people with Ghetto Blastas on skate boards and roller blades cruising down the coastal boardwalk but unfortunately the weather was poo. Windy, drizzling and cold. No one was around.

Our first stop in Orlando was a couple of days at Disney World. Out of the four parks on offer we spent a day at the classic Magic Kingdom and a day Hollywood studios. Our standard for measuring theme parks is Adventure World in Perth. Needless to say the scale, detail and awesomeness of Disney World just blew our minds. It is like stepping into a different world. We arrived early and stayed until the very last opening hour and did not stop both days. So much fun. The effort put into immersing you into every attraction was incredible.

We heard people commenting about how expensive accommodation is in the area. Some people were spending many hundreds of dollars a night to stay in Disney accommodation. Not us, we thought we’d reduced the cost slightly, to about zero. There’s a truck stop about 30km down the highway where we stayed at each night. Toilets, water, vending machines and a safe place to sleep in the back of the wagon. We did this for four nights (including our time at universal studios) and it worked out well.

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