New Orleans, Louisiana

After our cruise through the Bahamas we hoped to explore some fishing towns and maybe the everglades in Florida but the weather was atrocious so we decided to head straight across to New Orleans.

New Orleans tourist hot spot the French Quarter is geared up for fun. There are bars and restaurants everywhere, many of them playing live jazz music. Street drinking is encouraged and there are buskers and street performers throughout the city. New Orleans is full of beautiful buildings and architecture though it hasn’t fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina.

Unfortunately Joe got really sick with the flu and a high fever. So Sharni made friends with people staying at our hostel (who happen to be all Aussies) and went out a few times to Jazz Clubs, markets and famous Bourbon Street. Once Joe recovered we explored the city. We visited the French Markets sampling traditional New Orleans cuisine: gumbo, jambalaya and beignets.


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