Death Valley National Park, California

Trekking north from Mojave on our way to Las Vegas we stopped off at Death Valley National Park. We spent two days checking out the sites and hiking different trails. The scenery was tremendous as you can see in the photos. On our way out of the park we visited a ghost town called Rhyolite. Death Valley National Park is massive with 4wd and hiking tracks running everywhere and many camping spots. If only we had the hilux, we’d spend a month here.

Joe being the frugal man he is thought fuel was too expensive within the national park. Based on the campervan’s trip computer we had just enough fuel to reach the next town. Unfortunately the trip computer doesn’t take into account the 1000 meter climb out of the park. The final half hour of driving was rather exciting with the trip computer beeping and reporting zero remaining range but we made it. Just. And the fuel was much cheaper.

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