Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, Las Vegas is fun. We didn’t even gamble once and still didn’t want to leave.  Multiple Casinos of ridiculous proportions, each with their own theme and star attractions. We spent five days walking around and checking everything out. Las Vegas is like Disney World for adults.

We practically walked and checked out every hotel and casino on the strip. We also spent some time at the old strip in downtown Las Vegas. It has a really cool lightshow called ‘The Freemont Street Experience’ and all the casinos there have really cheap drinks, $2 Coronas and $1 Margaritas.

Downtown Las Vegas is also home to the famous Heart Attack Grill, this was on our USA must do list. Heart Attack Grill is a restaurant that serves really high calorie meals. The servers are dressed as nurses and doctors, customers are dressed in hospital gowns and if you don’t finish your meal you are bent over and spanked with a wooden paddle by a nurse. You can weigh in and if you weigh over 160kg you get your meal for free.  Joe had a double bypass burger and Sharni had a coronary dog. You don’t eat at the Heart Attack Grill for quality food you eat there for the novelty as the food tastes like grease and salt. We barely ate ours. Joe received a good spanking by the nurse.  The décor of the place is funny and so are the menu listings. Even though the food was enough to bring on a heart attack just looking at it we had fun.

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