Vancouver, Canada

We couldn’t drive to the top of the USA without venturing into Canada. So after Seattle Vancouver was next on our agenda. We met up with a few Perth friends working in Vancouver who offered to let us stay with them in Yaletown. Thanks Kamil and Andrew! It was nice to hangout with some friends for a change. We went out for beers, explored Stanley and Lynn Canyon Parks and checked out Vancouver Island markets. Vancouver is a cool city and we enjoyed walking around the different city districts.

Kamil, Andrew and friends are keen snowboarders so we went for a day of skiiing on Cypress Mountain on the outskirts of Vancouver. We also spent our last day up Grouse Mountain to try out snowshoeing for the first time since we didn’t get to do it in Yellowstone National Park.

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  1. Hey joe I have a problem with mates Hilux thought I might ask you for help, 2009 Hilux diesel intermittently idles fast up to 3000rpm when at the lights and while driving any ideas?

    • Hey julian that’s pretty tough to diagnose without extra info. Could be many things. Probably a sensor playing up. Air flow sensor or throttle position sensor come to mind but could be anything. I don’t know how these engines control their idle, if there’s some control valve or something that could be faulty. If engine is running smoothly, not over-fueling, not blowing smoke, not losing power or fuel efficiency, then most obvious place to look would be throttle position sensor. Best to hook up a scan tool and see what’s happening.

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