Skiing and Snowshoeing, Vancouver

Skiing on Cypress Mountain was different from skiing at Brighton Resort in Salt Lake City. It was only zero degrees instead of minus 16, skiing in these temperatures was quite comfortable. The snow wasn’t as thick or as light and fluffy. Joe did really well and improved his skiing skills. Sharni was a bit overwhelmed by all the fast snowboarders and became anxious. After being convinced by Joe to tackle the steep high slope with all the fast snowboarders, Sharni gave up half way and decided to take her skiis off and walk the rest of the way down.

Our last day in Vancouver was spent snowshoeing on Grouse Mountain with Andrew. We took a gondola up and down the mountain. Snowshoes are footwear that cover your normal shoe that helps distribute your weight so you don’t sink into the snow. It was a heap of fun trudging around in the snow without sinking knee deep or slipping on ice.

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