Portland, Oregon

After spending 5 days in Vancouver we ventured back to the USA to head south along the west coast back towards our origin in LA. First stop – Portland, known for rain, bicycles, hipsters and microbreweries all of which we experienced while there. We rented a bike and rode it around the city, across and around the river and up the hill to the rose gardens which weren’t in bloom. We felt young and cool cruising the streets on our tandem bike mixing it with the hipsters. Also visited were the worlds biggest book store, various shops, various food vans, Voodoo Doughnuts and a ride on the Portland Streetcar. We had a night or two exploring the microbreweries and playing board games. It was pretty cold outside so why not stay in for a few brews? One night we happened across a particular brewery which was hosting a party for micro brewery entrepreneurs. Of course we gate crashed the party and enjoyed the rest of the night meeting some brewers and getting some ideas for Joe’s retirement dream of starting a microbrewery himself.

Our accommodation in Portland – a car park near a church on the quiet side of the river. We crashed in the back of the van and used McDonalds for coffee and toilet runs.

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