Hwy 101, Pacific Coast Drive, Oregon

It’s hard to pick favourite spots out of all the places we’ve visited but the Oregon coast is up there. Spectacular coastline, cheap beer, cheap accommodation, good seafood, oysters of ridiculous proportions, lots of cool little towns to visit and friendly people make cruising down highway 101 along the Oregon coast pretty awesome. Only problem – it was bloody cold!

Checkout the oysters we bought from a side of the road seafood vendor. Nine super fresh oysters for $7 and they’re huge! It’s not possible to slurp them up in one hit. Each oyster takes about three mouthfulls to get through. I thought black lip oysters from northern Australia were big but they’re no match for Oregon oysters.

We visited the Tillamook cheese factory, the Blue Heron cheese factory and some confectionery factories. The one thing they all have in common – huge quantities of samples for tasting. Don’t worry about preparing lunch if you’re visiting these joints. You’ll be full up with cheese and chocolate.

We had a really good night out in Pacific City. We visited a brewery that was recommended by a friend we met at the brewery party in Portland and then went to a local sports bar where we enjoyed a seafood platter dinner, a couple of cheap beers and a few games of pool with some locals.

Also, over the course of the few days we spent along the the coast in Oregon, we hiked through forest, walked along some of the many beaches, visited a few shops, watched a movie (Anchorman 2), lots of general sight seeing along the many coastal vistas and tried some clam chowder in one of the random towns we passed through.

Next stop – Redwood National Park in northern California.

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