Redwood National Park, California

Leaving Oregon on Highway 101, we continued south into Northern California. First stop – Redwood National Park, home to the tallest trees in the world. These trees are huge and photos aren’t able to get a true perspective on how big they are. An impressive sight to behold. Mind you we’re slightly patriotic and reckon Karri trees are just as good especially if you’re into risking your life climbing them.

It’s $35 a night to camp in Redwood National Park! We’ve stayed in motels for a similar price. Screw that. We stayed at Florence Keller County Park instead, still set among redwoods and only a few minutes away from the national park. We camped there a couple of nights and drove out to the national park for the day where we enjoyed some hiking and a scenic drive through the redwoods. Back at camp, Joe struggled to light a fire in the cold, damp conditions. Logs had to be split into thin pieces for kindling as the twigs were just too wet. Hand sanitizer (consisting of mostly alcohol) was used as lighter fluid to get the fire going. Sharni cooked up a big camp oven roast which we enjoyed around the camp fire. It was pretty cold so a big fire was the order.

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