Los Banos and Big Surr

Heading back towards the coast from Yosemite, we passed through a town we’d never heard of before nor knew anything about – Los Banos, California. We needed somewhere to clean up after roughing it through Yosemite and we needed somewhere to celebrate new years. Los Banos seemed like a good enough spot!

So we got ourselves a good cheap motel and hung around Los Banos for a couple of nights. For new years we went out for dinner where we were served up a gargantuan multi course meal. They eat a lot in this town. Then onto the pub where we had a couple of drinks and mingled with some locals. We bought a huge bag of beef jerky from the supermarket at Los Banos. Check out the huge strips it came in. Kept Joe busy for a good few days.

From Los Banos we continued west and made it to the coast where we checked out Big Surr – a famous stretch of rugged coastline in California. Then we trekked south where we camped up at a rest stop on the side of the highway on our way to San Diego.

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