San Diego, California

We bypassed LA as we travelled south from Big Surr so we could hit up San Diego for a few days. The weather was awesome and we enjoyed walking around the city and the beach. The San Diego beachfront was terrific – sunshine, nice beach, restaurants, pubs, shops and cool dudes with ghetto blasters riding bicycles with huge chopper handlebars. At San Diego Old Town we got ushered into this nice looking building thinking it was a museum or something but actually it was a Mormon recruitment centre.

San Diego would be the last time we got to visit Walmart (excluding Hawaii on our way home). It was a sad moment since Walmart had played such a big part in our road trip around USA. We reminisced about the delicious chicken tenders, $5 roast chickens, 30 cents / pound bananas and various other favourite Walmart items that were staples on our road trip. To mark the occasion we hired a DVD and watched it in the van in the Walmart carpark. We wanted to sleep in the carpark just like we’d done many times before but it’s not really tolerated in San Diego. There’s a security guard who asks you to move on. Must be too many tourists. So after the DVD we went to another set of shops with a quiet carpark to camp in.

We had a day at San Diego Zoo but that will come in the next post.

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