We’re Back! Crows Nest National Park

We are back in Australia! Reunited with our Hilux after it was locked up in Phil’s garage for 4 months. That’s nearly a year of cumulative time spent in Phil’s garage including 4 months whilst we were in South East Asia, 3 months working in the Pilbara and 4 months in USA. Thanks Phil!

We thought a camping mission with Phil was well overdue so we headed off to Crows Nest National Park for the Australia Day long weekend. It was tough to find somewhere to camp, everywhere around Brisbane was fully booked.

At camp we enjoyed some bush walking. Crows Nest National Park is famous for rock wallabies and we managed to spot one chilling on a rock. They’re pretty elusive creatures and it’s the first time we’ve ever seen one in the wild. We also drove the 4WD track to the town of Esk and back. One night Sharni cooked up a camp oven roast whilst the lads had a beer or two around the fire. Afterwards we walked down to the creek. Rock hopping over water at night after a few beers was quite exciting. We caught a yabby with our bare hands!

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