Western Australia

Cape Domett

Some bloke at the cafe in Wyndham told us Cape Domett is an awesome fishing spot. He didn’t really explain that local knowledge is necessary to navigate there. The tracks didn’t match what we had on the map. It took us several hours of trying alternative routes and asking random farmers working near the side of the road before we even started heading in the right direction. A few more turns through various intersections and gates and a fair slog through some rough old tracks finally had us at our intended destination.

Cape Domett marks the eastern edge of the entrance to Cambridge Gulf. In the middle of the gulf is Lacrosse Island and the opposite cape is called Cape Dussejour. It’s a remote part of the country, not many tourists visit. A group of local campers were there when we arrived and we enjoyed chatting with them and getting some fishing tips. I managed to catch many small bream, which we ate, but nothing else.

There’s millions of tiny sand crabs at Cape Domett. They all excavate sand and roll it into little sand balls. Huge areas of tidal flat get completely covered with these little sand balls.

For every sand crab there’s a million more midges. I suffered huge midge damage by stupidly trying to repair something under the car right when the midge plague kicked up one afternoon. Midges are weak flyers and tend to stay close to the ground, making your feet and legs most vulnerable to attack. Lying on the ground presents your entire body quite nicely to millions of the pesky parasites.

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