Western Australia

El Questro

I always thought El Questro was just some fancy accommodation that people with a serious cases of status anxiety squandered thousands of dollars a night on. I was only partly correct. It’s also laden with tremendous natural scenery, gorges, waterfalls and waterholes.

We stayed a few nights at the camp grounds, paying the most we’d ever paid for unpowered camping, but it was worth it. The walking trails and waterholes and stuff are awesome. The bar at the camp is good too. One night some dude was playing his original electronic music coupled with lots of percussion and didgeridoo. He was good entertainment but I forget his name.

The closest us mundane common-folk can get to the fancy luxury is when crossing the Chamberlain River in our non-luxury 4WD. From this point views of the homestead can be seen further up the Chamberlain Gorge.

el questro homestead from chamberlain river crossing

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    • Hey Ziggy nah we stayed in the main camping area. We do heaps of bush camping, when we’re paying top dollar we like to mingle with our neighbours and stay close to the pub.

  1. Hi Joe
    Stunning photos Joe — well done . We also enjoyed our expensive couple of nights there . I’m missing our lux ” Henrietta ” but I’m going to stop by and give her a run next week — getting ready for next winter . Will contact u again to see if you may be up for a trip thru the canning stock route n June or July ish
    Enjoy Tassy – when will you be there ??

    • Got the ferry booked in 16 Dec and staying for 3 months. We’ll be living off trout based on reports on Tasmania’s trout fishery. Dunno where we’ll be middle of next yeah but could well be somewhere in outback WA, I think we’re gonna do simpson desert and stuff around SA on the way across then who knows. Keep us posted on your movements.

  2. I was a bit dubious about staying there on my Gibb River road trip too, but glad I forked out those extra dollars for a couple of nights at their campground. Could n’t afford the barra heli-fishing though !

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