Western Australia

Gibb River Road

Having visited El Questro, we’d already started the Gibb River Road on the previous post. But that bit was all bitumen. Now the ass pounding corrugations start. For years we’d heard of stories of broken vehicles and bruised asses on the Gibb River Road. Time for us to have a turn.

gibb river road nice corrugations

First stop was Home Valley Station, just a day visit to have a beer with a chap we met at El Questro and a walk up the lookout for sunset views of the Cockburn Ranges.

cockburn ranges from home valley lookout

That night we stayed at a rest stop on the side of the road where we met a friendly couple in a caravan. They are travelling the same way as us so there’s a good chance we’ll meet them again further down the track. Next morning we didn’t need a coffee to give us a good kick, we just started driving on the teeth chattering corrugations. A quick stop at Ellenbrae Station for a round of their famous scones then more corrugations up to the Kalumburu Road turnoff, where we camped for a couple of nights along the Gibb River. It’s a nice spot with plenty of firewood and clear cool flowing water of the Gibb River. The water is shallow and suitable for swimming. You’d see a big croc from miles away in the clear shallow water. We found some edible rosella, a member of the hibiscus family, on the banks of the river. Some of the other campers had already collected some and made rosella jam.

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