Western Australia


I’ve been thinking about returning to Broome since having a short holiday there in 2003. I remember cable beach being awesome and the weather perfect. I didn’t have a 4WD then and was jealous of all the folk driving up cable beach and setting up shop to watch the sun set.

2003 broome camel ride 2003 joe in broome

On this trip I made up for it with a few cable beach sunsets. Not that you need a 4WD, the sand is so flat and hard packed that people ride out on their 50cc scooters. Chilling out on the beach is one of my favourite things to do even when not on cable beach. But when there’s a vast area of white flat powdery sand, 30 degree temperature, no wind, no midges, calm water and impressive sunset it’s even better. And the mood on the beach is great, with heaps of others in good spirits enjoying it.

broome cable beach camels

Other than cable beach we also enjoyed the markets, went fishing at a few different spots, had nice Indian dinner at a fancy restaurant, had beers and dinner at the Broome Fishing Club, visited the Broome Aquarium and checked out Gantheaume Point.

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