Western Australia

Cape Leveque West Coast

The west coast of Cape Leveque has some good free camping spots, nice beaches and some fishing. No facilities, all bush camping. I was hoping to land many threadfin salmon, especially since one of the beaches is nicknamed salmon beach, but had no luck. I caught many of these small trevally looking fish but nothing else. Quondong beach was good camping and nice beach, no midges, but not much fish. A few spots up the coast are really bad for midges. Coulomb point seemed more productive for fishing, with a bit more activity, bait fish, bigger fish feeding. I got a good hookup but it busted my rig and by that stage I was out of bait and called it quits.

Remote beach camping is one of my favourite types of camping.  I would have happily chilled out for weeks at some of the spots up the west coast (would have needed a run into Broome for beer and bait) but there’s plenty more to Cape Leveque than a couple of remote beaches so next we headed up towards the northern tip.

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    • Ha yeah there’s a bit of that going on with people finishing their xmas break. The camp sites are clearing. Quondong is great we stayed there about 4 days I think just relaxing not catching any fish and hanging out with some of the long term campers.

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