Salmon Fishing Camp

Would you believe this salmon fishing trip is the first time I haven’t caught a salmon on a salmon fishing trip since 1963. You probably wouldn’t believe it, not if you knew about my stratospheric salmon fishing talents. But its true. No salmon for me. I blame the stormy weather for breaking up the schools or something.

There were a few rogue salmon about, being caught on mullies. We found almost no schools and the thin schools we found failed to produce a single fish. I fished the whole weekend with my lure, too stubborn to resort to using bait. Others were fortunately more flexible in their tackle assignments.

Nice australian salmon

This salmon got angry and kicked a bunch of sand into the face of its captor. That’s a nice rugged look you got there mate!

Salmon sand in the face

There weren’t many schools but I was still training up the midget on the intricacies of salmon spotting. She’s gonna be a salmon spotting legend just like her dad.

learning to spot salmon

A young chap hooning up the beach got himself into a bit of trouble. He smashed into an exposed rock at speed and damaged the rim causing the rim to no longer seal against the tyre bead. He put on his spare then proceeded to bust the rim off another wheel whilst cornering up a sand dune too fast. So he had two flat tyres, only one spare, and no compressor. We sorted him out with a hammer to fix the damaged rim and a compressor to air up. Had him back on his way within a few beers.

fixing wheels and tyres

In case you’re wondering, yes salmon season was a few months ago. I’m running a bit behind with this blog post. Here’s a few more pics from the trip:

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