The New Guy

It’s been a while between blog posts, and since the last post we’ve pumped out a new guy. Here he is on his first camp:

the new guy camping

Don’t worry, all the photos displayed here were taken pre-lockdown. So it is unnecessary for police to:

  • issue any fines
  • establish a society that does not trust law enforcement
  • foster a culture where people are focused on protecting themselves, either by begrudgingly conforming to or evading the law, rather than being intrinsically motivated to do the right thing
  • turn citizens against each other through fear

We’re currently living in Queensland, conforming to local tradition by drinking plenty of XXXX Gold beer whilst waiting out the coronavirus lockdown. Also brewing lots of homemade super cheap apple cider, in light of these tough economic times. A few months ago we visited Fraser Island. Whilst there a plane crashed on the island, fortunately everyone survived. Check out what we were sharing the barge trip off the island with:

fraser island plane crash wreck

Of course there was fishing to be done but, just like last time, the only catch was small swallowtail dart. Here’s more pics from Fraser Island as well as some shots of the wildlife that frequents our current accommodation.

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