South West Region, Western Australia

Yeagarup Beach Camp

Yeagarup is famous for being the place where I lost my camera a few years ago. This time I was more careful, making sure I came home with evidence of the copious salmon we caught. I had a look for my camera too but it didn’t show.

salmon caught yeagarup beach

Salmon caught yeagarup beach.

The salmon were biting, with most lads on camp landing several salmon, some into double figures. I caught a few using lures but the guys using mullies had more success. The salmon weren’t schooling – it was the start of winter and the schools had long gone. But there were heaps of big salmons just roaming around in the gutter close to shore.

salmon on the rodsalmon landed yeagarup beach

davo landed salmon yeagarup beach

For something different we decided to mount an expedition up the Warren River in search of bream or trout. I think the water was too shallow and we didn’t catch anything. Perhaps we needed more time to travel further upstream.

warren river expedition

Warren river expedition.

No luck fishing the Warren but James went for a swim. He’s known for entering cold water.

refreshing swim warren river

We witnessed some blokes crossing the warren river mouth in their vehicles (the mouth is subject to the waves of the ocean and is salty). It was fun to watch but I feel bad for the cars and whoever the next owner might be.

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