Western Australia

Salmon Fishing Camps

Our trip across the Nullarbor to South Australia and Melbourne is over and we’re back home. Now what? Rat race? No way. How about fixing the house up interspersed with camping trips and pumping out a baby here or there.

Sharni’s heavily pregnant, nearly bursting and busting at the seams, so I had to get special permission to go on this year’s salmon camp. Then I sought approval for a second salmon fishing mission and approval was granted. Feeling lucky, I applied for a third fishing expedition and again it was granted. Wow I’m lucky. Thanks Sharni for being so accommodating!

This post covers the first two salmon fishing camps, the third will be in a separate post.

looking for salmon

Busy spotting salmon.

I’m pleased to announce that I broke my salmon drought from last year’s camp, landing a healthy specimen early on the first day.

salmon caught

I posed for a better photo than this, but the bloke who took the photo didn’t push the button properly and no photo was taken. What a wally!

The salmon was promptly processed and cooked in the smoker.

preparing salmon finest spices

Carefully seasoning our salmon with the finest herbs and spices.

smoking salmon

Into the smoker it goes for one of the more palatable ways of preparing Australian Salmon.

Towards the end of the first day the weather started to turn bad and the seaweed started to come in. Storms were brewing. Salmon schools were nowhere to be seen.dejected no salmon

Due to bad weather this camp ended with only one salmon caught and a premature departure on the second day. Even with bad weather you can’t complain with catching a salmon and relaxing on the beach with some friends. Plus take a look at the views from the shitter. People pay big dollars for that.

beach camp view from shitter

Equipped with a shovel and a roll of toilet paper, this was my view.

The next few days after camp large storms swept across the south west of Western Australia. Then a few days later I was back at the same beach for more fishing. Although the weather had calmed the swell was still big and the salmon schools weren’t coming close to shore. So no salmon on the second camp.

sunset beach fishing

No salmon on the second camp, but we did catch whiting, herring and a gummy shark.

Last night on camp we had a camp oven roast beef cooked on the camp fire.

beach camp fire camp oven roast

Roast beef cooking in the camp oven.

Here’s a few more photos from both camps:

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