South Australia

Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas

This is the last photo to be taken with Sharni’s phone before it left this dry world to start a new life under the sea.

port broughton final shot

The last photo – Port Broughton Jetty, Yorke Peninsular. Just seconds after this shot was taken the phone that captured it was in the drink.

I guess it’s self explanatory how the phone took to the water, what with the last photo being on a jetty with large open gaps between each timber plank.

But how did we get our hands on this photo if the phone has adopted a submarine environment?

Sharni went swimming!

Braving the cold conditions, the diminishing light of a setting sun and the recent reports of sharks in the area, into the water she went on a phone recovery mission. Being the helpful type, I went to the car to fetch the snorkeling gear for her and a jacket for me coz the wind was a bit chilly. It didn’t come easy but after about 30 minutes of searching in the water the phone was located and rescued.

Salt water immersion isn’t too kind on a phone but still I wanted to have a crack at reviving it. First thing I did was take the back cover off, remove the SIM and SD cards and rinse everything in tap water. I needed distilled water for the best chance of recovering the phone so we left Port Broughton and headed to Port Pirie, where luckily there’s a Coles supermarket open until 10pm. Purchased some distilled water and gave the phone a good soaking. Then we kept driving with the phone drying in front of the car’s heater vents.

The next day in Whyalla I recombobulated the phone and it actually came back to life! A nice team recovery effort that ended well. That’s great. Also great are the dolphins that hang around the boat ramp at Whyalla.

whyalla dolphin whyalla dolphins

Those are the highlights of our Yorke Peninsular and Eyre Peninsular travels. We also did the usual sight seeing, consuming of food and drink at various sophisticated establishments, hanging out and frolicking in some of the many bays, squid fishing, oyster eating, beach camping and sand dune bashing. Refer photo gallery below. I caught many squid but forgot to take photos. You believe me right?

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  1. Sharni is a handy lady to have around the place when a crisis occurs Joe – All the best to you and your beaut’ family mate.Did you try the Coffin Bay oysters whilst on the West Coast ???

    regards Jeff

    • Hey Jeff the shellar door was closed in Coffin Bay so we ended up getting a dozen at Smokey Bay I think it was. So many bays I forget which one is which.

      Did you see I had a beer at the Magpie and Stump? Nice place Mintaro. Checked out Sevenhill and Clare too.

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