South Australia

From the Nullarbor back Home

By the time we hit Ceduna Sharni was practically crowning and ready to bust out our second kid. She was ready to go home so it was a fairly swift trip across the Nullarbor, but we had time to drive through Cactus Beach, Point Sinclair and Fowlers Bay to have a quick look since we’d never been before.

Fowlers Bay

The seaweed’s not too bad at Fowlers Bay compared to Kanidal Beach near Eyre Bird Observatory.

I really wanted to go to the Bilbunya Dunes- a very remote and difficult to get to dune system on the Nullarbor coast, similar in appeal to Twilight Cove which we visited a few months earlier. But the handbrake had firmly activated and would not release even with firm persuasion. So I took a photo of the turnoff.

Bilbunya Dunes turn off Eyre Highway

Bilbunya Dunes turn off – ready for next time.

We camped up on the side of the road at the western end of the Nullarbor and in the morning Sharni cooked up the bacon we had bought at Minniribbie Farm near Coffin Bay. It was extremely delicious!

Side of the road Bacon and Eggs

Free range bacon on the Nullarbor.

We traveled up to Kalgoorlie to visit some friends and family then back south onto Esperance. It was cold but we managed a quick swim at Twilight Beach. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to walk on the jetty.

Esperance Jetty

The Esperance jetty looks different to what I remember last time I visited.

I was given permission for one last beach camp at an awesome spot called Stream Beach near Bremer Bay. It’s a bit of a headache to get to but worth it. Then we visited some friends and family in Albany, Mt Barker and Bunbury and then we came home. Then I don’t know what happened after that!

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  1. So I’m guessing you are back in Perth again Joe ? Henrietta Hilux is soon to be reawakened from her Adelaide shed for some more outback fun — maybe get into the warmth up nth .

    • Yep back in Perth. Pretty cold here, North would be nice. Where ya thinking of going? I been checking out your outback cycling expedition and broken spokes. Hopefully the no fuel cost was enough to offset your fancy hand built heavy duty replacement wheel.

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