Why You Shouldn’t Support Mandatory Vaccinations

Government enforced vaccination – is it a good idea? This article discusses the recent government initiatives of forcing people who do not want to be vaccinated to get vaccinated by threatening their livelihood and denying their freedom.

You may ask:

“Is it really forced? Is it coerced?”

It depends how you define things. For me forced means the consequences of not conforming are harsh enough that you will conform even with serious objections about doing it. The consequences don’t have to be fines or jail time. Indirectly, the consequences we’re seeing are just like fines and jail time:

  • Threatening your livelihood is a severe consequence. It’s like an ongoing fine the size of your entire income.
  • Denying your freedom is a severe consequence. It’s like being in jail.

You will notice that most of the content of this article has nothing to do with vaccines. Most of the content has nothing to do with medical advice related to vaccines. 

Your position on vaccines is largely irrelevant.

There’s no completely safe route out of covid. Every route has its pros and cons and I don’t believe the negative implications of government enforced medical treatment, lockdowns, discrimination based on medical status and division of society have been appropriately addressed. It’s possible the overall impact may well be negative – a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

The Road to Tyranny Starts Subtly

Totalitarian regimes, who rule with cruelty and tyranny, don’t manifest overnight. They evolve slowly, incrementally. Increments are kept small enough so that they seem innocuous and tolerable. This pattern can grow indefinitely, with the government’s creeping power and control forever trending upwards. Even if the current government has good intentions with their continually increasing power, at some point in the future someone with bad intentions will inherit that power and abuse it.

When looking at the road that has led to past tyrannical regimes a common thread can be identified:

Systems go wildly out of control when people don’t stop them when they’re going mildly out of control.

It’s important to recognise a mildly out of control system and act before it’s too late. It’s extremely difficult to recover lost freedom when you’ve become weak and oppressed and there’s a gun to your head. Action needs to be taken before that point. It’s dangerously easy to do nothing, to say that in isolation this incremental change is tolerable, and to just go with the flow.

A common characteristic of tyrannical regimes is the use of fear to convince people to do things they don’t want to do, with justification being something like “it’s for your own good”. This is exactly what we’re seeing with governments today. Apart from the loss of freedom, such a strategy implicitly suggests that the government thinks it knows better than the people they represent, or believes the people are too stupid to understand so force must be used. Resentment, suspicion and lack of trust quickly follows.

Another characteristic of tyrannical regimes is suppression of information and control of speech. This is precisely what we are observing today, with mainstream media supporting the government’s policies, censoring of information critical of the government’s policies on news, social media and online platforms, and with new rules controlling what doctors can and can’t say and what treatments they can and can’t use.

A competent leader’s job is to listen, to aggregate data from the bottom up, to articulate the voice of the people he or she leads and to form policies based on that process. Government leaders are representatives of the people and should talk to the people they represent. Leaders should ask the people they lead what their problems are, then develop appropriate policies to tackle those problems. Leaders within totalitarian governments behave differently. They develop policies from the top down. They dismiss or demonise the voice of the people. They dictate to us what our problems are and then announce the authoritarian policies that must be enacted to counter those problems whilst prosecuting anyone who disagrees. This is the behaviour of current governments.

Where does forced medical treatment stop? These sorts of policies could easily escalate to much more ethically questionable medical treatments forced onto civilians and disproportionately severe punishments to those that disagree with the government’s policy, including torture and murder. It may seem like a far stretch but the process starts exactly in the way that we are observing today, with small increments accumulating over decades.

Who will be responsible for deciding when to use the government’s new powers of forced medical treatment and discrimination based on medical status? Those people that you would least want to be responsible. Most people in government positions will understand the intent of the law and not abuse it, focusing instead on whatever they believe to be productive, attempting to do what’s right. Corrupt, power mad tyrants will gravitate towards these sorts of policies so they can make an ethical case to exercise their power.

Encourages Ineffective Governments

Any idiot in a position of power can close borders or create new laws to ban people from doing certain things or use threats to enforce control. We need to stop calling these “tough decisions” and instead call them “dumb decisions”. Such binary decisions can be made with a coin, by flipping it. It’s the dumbest way of addressing problems. It takes competence and effort to simultaneously allow people their freedom whilst addressing society’s problems. Outcomes are far superior when people are intrinsically motivated to follow the direction provided by the government. Leadership should appeal to reason and an individual’s responsibility rather than the use of force. This is true in government and in business. In general the following can be asserted:

A leader who must use force is a failed leader

If a significant proportion of people aren’t intrinsically motivated to follow the direction of a leader and force must be applied for them to conform, then that’s a massive red flag indicating that perhaps the leader has got it wrong. In fact that is exactly how good leaders check their work. Leaders aren’t perfect. Leaders aren’t smarter than everyone they lead. Leaders can get it wrong. Leaders listen. Using force isn’t being a leader, it’s being a dictator. Dictatorships usually lead to dark places.

Given the option, governments will always resort to force to solve problems because it’s so easy to do. They’ve become so stiflingly ineffective that they are unable to attempt anything else. If we allow governments to make these dumb decisions, it gives them permission to continue to be ineffective and it sets a precedent for them to perpetually solve problems using this method. Anything that attracts any risk or potential to cause problems will be banned. Eventually everything will be banned because you can’t enjoy life with zero risk.

Here’s some things a competent government could have been doing over the last two years instead of sitting around waiting for a vaccine whilst forcefully controlling its citizens:

  • Increasing the surge capacity of the health system. This is massively important. Even without covid there have been reports of health systems at breaking point or excessive waiting times at hospital emergency or doctors and nurses stressed to their limits. The health system has become bloated and expensive, overrun with unproductive bureaucracy whilst at the same time having budgets reduced and the productive people whittled down to the bare minimum. The current system can barely meet the requirements of average demand and falls apart during periods of high demand. Improving it can be done at low cost – simply shift resources from the bloat of unproductive bureaucracy to productive people and more hospital beds / intensive care units. This means that, during periods of low demand, the doctors and nurses and hospital beds will be underutilised. I know this burns at the ego of power hungry middle managers and government bureaucrats but the benefit is a health system that can cope with surges and accommodate covid victims rather than one that can barely manage the average load.
  • Funding research into treatment options rather than relying on mass vaccinations as the silver bullet. Out of patent drugs, repurposed drugs, vitamin supplements and lifestyle factors are generally not given adequate research funding by private companies because there isn’t much money to be made. A proactive government could help fill that gap.
  • Creating a health system that focuses on solving root causes of health problems, rather than the current system of treating symptoms through administering of drugs. This would create a population that is more resilient against pandemics.
  • Encourage healthy people. The covid risk is massively diminished for people with a healthy weight, who exercise regularly, who eat a healthy diet, who get enough sleep, who don’t smoke or drink too much and who don’t have diabetes. This needs to be popularised as a method of protecting yourself and your community against covid. We’ve seen that vaccines are unable to prevent infection and transmission, however they are able to reduce risk of hospitalisation and death. You know what else reduces the risk of hospitalisation and death? Being healthy! I’d like to see a study to see the efficacy of being healthy compared to the vaccines and how that changes with time. I’d have a guess that being healthy achieves a similar level of protection against hospitalisation and death and ultimately exceeds that of vaccinations over long enough time frames.
  • Despite the fact that there is no direct pathway from medical science to government policies, current governments are passing responsibility onto health experts to make decisions rather than actually developing policies. Science does not inform government of the voice of the people that they are representing. Science does not inform government of the values of the people they are representing. A competent government would take responsibility for its policies. It would focus on listening as a way to develop policies. It would take a balanced approached with appropriate input from health experts, mental health experts, education, universities, economic interests, small business, large corporations, young people, children, hospitality, entertainment, tourism and whoever else the potential policies would impact. It would encourage open dialogue and debate whilst acknowledging that every solution to a problem is a compromise. An appropriate solution is one that attempts to find the right balance between competing factors. The government would develop such a strategy that it holds itself responsible for and puts forth as a representative of its citizens. This is actually the job of a government, which the government has not been doing.

The items listed above are more difficult to do when compared to coin flip dumbass decisions like shutting down borders and mandatory vaccinations and creating division. This is why incompetent governments shy away from their actual job and instead prefer to use brute force and authority whilst hiding behind external advice. We should not encourage this type of government.

It’s Bad for Business

Generally speaking, on time frames of sufficient length, less government control is better for business. However the leadership of large western corporations struggle to see past their 3 month reporting period. They’ll support increasing government control because, in the short term at least, they see it as increasing the likelihood of banking next quarter’s KPI bonus. They’re also generally too scared to make a stand, due to fear of negative commentary from the media.

What would a 20 year or longer view look like? Business leaders would be interested in less government control to foster objectives such as:

  • Ensuring the economy remains free and market orientated.
  • Ensuring competitive market forces remain strong and without barriers.
  • Ensuring the government doesn’t acquire so much power that it may steal profits from companies through corrupt legislation and unjust taxes.
  • Ensuring a culture where people are happy to say something if they have a concern, which can help flag inefficiencies and prevent major disasters and the associated costs.
  • Ensuring people don’t feel forced in the way they operate at work. People who feel forced become disengaged with their work. They’re demotivated, don’t take responsibility for what they’re doing and operate at a level just enough to stay under the radar. This is bad for productivity and stifles innovation.
  • Ensuring civil war does not emerge. Civil war is terrible for business.


If insufficient numbers of the public have been convinced to get vaccinated then that’s a failure of the government to make its arguments credible enough. Then to make vaccines mandatory and use the force of the law to punish those who refuse it is going to increase the lack of trust that is driving the inadequate vaccination rates to begin with. Since the government has handballed its responsibilities to so called health experts (who are too narrowly focused to form appropriate policy), this distrust is likely to spill over to health and science. And since it’s the police that are tasked with enforcing the government’s agenda (rather than performing their actual job of protecting citizens), distrust will also rise towards the police force. Conspiracy theories will gain in popularity.

How well is a society going to fair when the public distrusts its government, the health system, science and the police? It’s not hard to image it degenerating into anarchy or civil war.

Fosters Identity Politics

Through its legislation and communication, the government is giving people an easy target to label as the enemy – those who are not vaccinated. People who are genuinely concerned about forced medical treatment may say nothing because they are afraid of being labelled the enemy. People will no longer attempt to take balanced positions on issues as they instead attempt to maintain allegiance to their side. This stifles meaningful dialogue. Rational discussion can’t occur. It replaces problem solving with fighting. Fighting has the potential to escalate uncontrollably.

Identity politics also gives governments a scapegoat for their incompetence. It’s standard protocol for ineffective tyrannical regimes – divide the people, specify one side as the enemy, encourage hatred towards the enemy, place all blame on the enemy and apply forever escalating levels of prosecution against them.

Unintended Consequences

The government’s authoritative control during covid has many knock on effects. Some of these include:

  • Rising rates of depression, anxiety and mental health issues.
  • Increased use of anti-depression medication.
  • Increased suicide rates. This includes more children and young people killing themselves.
  • Severe impact to businesses in certain sectors and especially small businesses.
  • Financial destruction of individuals who have poured their lifetime into a severely impacted business.
  • Cumulative cost to the greater economy through loss of business.
  • Debt accumulation of governments paying for recurring mass vaccinations and propping up of an economy that has been crippled through its own policies.
  • Spending of our children’s public money to compensate for current government policy.
  • Future debt burdened governments unable to appropriately invest in health, education and infrastructure.
  • Suffering and premature death of people who have experienced delayed scanning or treatment of critical diseases like cancer.
  • Emotional and quality of life impact of not being able to see loved ones, visit dying relatives, attend funerals, celebrate weddings.
  • Emotional and quality of life impact to residents locked out of their own state or country and not able to return home.
  • Disadvantage to children and young people (who were already suffering from rising rates of depression, mental health issues and feelings of isolation) going through formative stages of their development under oppressive restrictions.
  • Collusion between government and media so that the media supports the government’s agenda. This makes it easy for future governments to get away with unethical policies.
  • Normalising the requesting and providing of private medical details.
  • Teaching young people (working in cafes, pubs and other businesses that are enforcing mandates) that it is ok to discriminate others based on their medical status. These our are future government leaders, business leaders and police officers. How will this impact future society?

Are these factors being appropriately addressed in the government policy? Has there been sufficient debate around them? All I see is a continual stream of authoritative announcements. That’s ok for people in the government, with their secure jobs, growing power and generous income that keeps rolling in every week. What about everyone else?

Many of these negative impacts will manifest in the future and continue to grow. We’re reducing the immediate risk of covid (mainly for old sick people) at the expense of increasing the future risk to our children. Has there been adequate conversation to ensure we have that balance right?

The Vaccines are Experimental

The covid vaccines are not approved for use, except under the emergency exemption. This is because the vaccines are experimental.

Vaccines usually take 10 to 15 years to develop. The covid vaccines were developed much quicker. The long term health effects are not known. The long term interactions between the vaccines and an evolving virus are not known. Given the unknowns, people should be free to make their own judgement about vaccines based on their own unique risk profiles.

Additionally, vaccine benefits are marginal for fit, young, healthy people. Why is the government forcing experimental vaccines onto people who would have little benefit from being vaccinated? Vaccines do not stop transmission so there is no social benefit. Where is the risk benefit analysis at the individual level? Where is the study to indicate that quality-adjusted life years is improved sufficiently by the vaccine in fit, young, healthy people to warrant its use?

A major pandemic in the modern era, combined with these experimental vaccines, presents a situation to humanity that has never been encountered before. In these circumstances I don’t think it’s ethical for a government to pretend to be so sure of its opinion on the right pathway to safety that it can assert the right to force it onto others.

If there’s misinformation, the government should address it (with facts, not with propaganda). People should have the vaccine because they think, on the balance of risks and rewards, it’s good for their health and their community’s health, rather than because they are forced to. A government’s failure to appropriately convince the population about the merits of a vaccine should not be compensated for by brute authoritarian force.

At an individual level, you should not be recommending people to get an experimental vaccine. What if they suffer from a vaccine injury? What if it turns out that these vaccines have terrible long term consequences? Keep your conscience clear.

What should you do?

If you’re worried about the government’s escalating oppression and power, then you should talk about it. Discuss it with your work colleagues. Raise it with your boss. Discuss it with your friends and family. Raise it with your local government representative. Talk to the media. This has nothing to do with whether you have been vaccinated and what your opinions are of the risks and rewards of vaccinations. Whatever your vaccination position, if you are worried about our failing democracy or authoritarian governments or deteriorating freedom or the precedent that forced medical treatment is setting or any of the other issues identified above, then you should say something. You have an ethical obligation to say something. Ensure your conscience remains clear in case our freedoms continue to deteriorate. You don’t want to be contributing to a future tyrannical government and all the suffering and death that accompanies such a regime.

You don’t need to say something that will risk your job or risk prosecution. You don’t need to make threats. You don’t need to make demands. Saying something could be as simple as something like:

  • I think people should decide for themselves to get vaccinated because they think it’s a good idea rather than be forced to, especially when the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission. What do you think?
  • I think travel restrictions and government mandates are not good reasons to get vaccinated.
  • I’m worried about the freedom and quality of life of future generations.
  • Vaccinations are great, we’re so lucky we have this technology, but I think the government has gone too far by mandating vaccinations and denying people their freedom.
  • Forced medical treatment is a dangerous precedent to be setting. I’m worried about where that may lead.
  • I think the risk from ever increasing government control is far greater than the risk presented by covid.
  • I think the government has failed us in managing the health system appropriately during the pandemic and so I am hesitant about supporting their authoritarian policies. I’d rather fix the hospitals.
  • I have an ethical objection to supporting Nazi style government tactics like fear, division, scapegoating and prosecution.

It’s worrying that, when talking to people individually, I’ve found the number of people who don’t agree with government enforced medical treatment is much higher than the number of people actually saying something about it. This is concerning not just for spiraling government tyranny but also for corporate culture and safety. People are ok with doing something they don’t think is right. This can be a recipe for major disasters. People have and continue to die in workplace related accidents triggered by shortcuts, budget cuts, inadequate design, unrealistic schedules, unrealistic cost forecasts, unethical decisions, poor direction from management and excessive greed. Many such disasters could have been prevented if the people involved raised their concerns.

If you feel something isn’t right, you should say something.

If you’re already vaccinated but you are concerned about enforced medical treatment then you should still say something. In fact you should be more inclined to say something since the threat to your livelihood and freedom is much less. You can keep your conscience clear with minimal risk.

If there is some deadline date within the corporation you work for, and you can afford not to work for a while, then I’d suggest not showing up for work on the deadline date. Similarly, if you find it easy to find new work, then I’d suggest not showing up for work on the deadline date. This doesn’t mean you are exiting the system, never to work again, destined to be financially crippled. You don’t need to burn your bridges. Take a breather, have some time to assess the situation, take some long service leave or annual leave, go fishing, hang out with the kids for a while, get some house renos done, wait for more information on the vaccines, throw a spanner in the government’s ever increasing appetite for power. You can always take the vaccine sometime in the future, on your own terms. You can always resume working sometime in the future.

If you think having the vaccine is a good idea for health reasons but you are more concerned about our deteriorating freedom, then I’d suggest not getting the vaccine. Protest against the government’s tyranny by sacrificing your personal health. It’s a risk worth taking. Perhaps use it as motivation to improve other aspects of your health so you are naturally resistant to covid. Once our freedom is secured you can resume normal ethical practices: get the vaccine if you think, based on your own unique risk profile, the vaccine is worth getting.

If you feel the government is ineffective and resorts too quickly to dumbass authoritarian decisions like border closures and mandatory vaccinations, then I’d suggest voting for a different government at the next election.

If you are required to check people’s medical records like a Nazi as part of your job, I’d suggest refusing to do it.  Protest to your boss, find another job.

If you can, get involved with protests. Protests rely on large quantities of people to make an impact. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Keep your conscience clear. Help prevent a future genocide.

If you work within law enforcement then I’d encourage you to not enforce anything you believe to be unethical. Don’t blindly follow the government’s agenda. Governments can get it wrong. You are the last line of defence against an out of control government. Keep the civilians safe. Keep your conscience clear. You don’t want to be enforcing the government’s scapegoating onto innocent people. You don’t want to be contributing to the future slaughtering of civilians by the police force.

If you have the resources to take on the government legally then let’s do it! If our civil liberties aren’t sufficiently protected and the government’s oppression is legal then we need to look at changing the law.

If you feel this article may be useful in reducing the likelihood of future oppression, then share it.

Do Nothing?

What if you’re worried about our deteriorating freedom, but you’re inclined to do nothing? Doing nothing is an attractive option. Firstly it’s easy, there is no effort in involved. Secondly it can seem that doing nothing is the least risk option. Doing stuff is generally more risky than not doing stuff, right? And you don’t want to invite trouble into your life.

So you’re interested in minimising risk. To properly decide on the least risky option, you need to think about and clearly articulate to yourself:

What are the risks of doing nothing?

Is it tyranny? Genocide? Civil war? What are the risks to your children, and your children’s children? How will doing nothing impact your conscience?

To quote a wise professor:

“When you have something to say, silence is a lie.”

Do you like lying? Will you have a constant feeling of stress and anxiety because you’ve lied? How will you view yourself if, instead of speaking your truth, you’ve buckled to government and corporate pressure? How will you feel if you’ve lost self respect? Will you feel like you’ve let down your kids? How will you feel if, at the hands of your inaction, your kids inherent an oppressive world where people who disagree with unjust government policies are prosecuted, tortured or killed?

If you don’t speak the truth what are you? A puppet! Is being a puppet a recipe for living a meaningful life? What is the purpose of your existence if you’re a puppet repeating someone else’s ideas and agenda? If you suppress your own truth what is the relevance of you as an individual? Are you risking a meaningless life? That’s a massive risk!

If you take action it could lead to some trouble. If you do nothing, then, although delayed, you could be in a lot more trouble.

What are the risks if everyone decides to do nothing?

You are fighting against a natural tendency to procrastinate and a bias towards assuming doing nothing is less risky than doing something. Make a conscious effort to map out the risks so you can make the right decision.

What If You Support Mandatory Vaccinations?

I’ve decided that government enforced medical treatment is where I draw the line but I’m not right. It is acceptable to feel that mandatory vaccinations are a reasonable thing to do during a pandemic. There is no objective way to draw the line. Finding the line involves constant dialogue, constant contemplation, constant compromise, constant searching for the appropriate middle ground. You should consider where you would draw the line so that you are ready to take action should the government continue on its trend towards tyrannical control.

For example, you may decide that forcing the vaccine onto children (or young adults) is where you would draw the line. In Australia there have been exactly zero covid deaths in children aged from 0 to 9 and one death in children aged 10 to 18. The long term side effects of this vaccine are not known yet governments are encouraging children to take the vaccine when they have practically zero benefit of taking it. They are also forcing healthy young adults into taking the vaccine through workplace mandates and other deprivations of freedom despite it being of almost zero benefit to them.

Another example that you may consider to be crossing the line is if ongoing forced booster shots are encouraged. You may have been convinced to get the vaccine based on the government’s promise that the vaccine is effective and that they will grant you your freedom once fully vaccinated with two doses. If that turns out to be false then how can you trust the government going forward? Not only would the government have lied about the arguments used to convince you to get the vaccine (such as its efficacy) and so should not be trusted, you will also be exposed to accumulating vaccine risk. The spike protein that the vaccine stimulates production of in your body is toxic and can cause organ damage including heart damage (myocarditis) and death. Most healthy people can fully recover from the spike protein damage caused by the initial vaccinations. However continual long term exposure to the spike protein may increase the risk of permanent harm.

Another example that you may consider to be crossing the line is if the government lied about assuring your freedom once a specified target vaccination rate was reached. If, after reaching that target, restrictions were still being applied, then the government lied to you and shouldn’t be trusted. It’s possible the government shifted the goal posts (a common sign of poor leadership) by choosing an even higher vaccination rate, and yet again lied about granting freedom once the even higher vaccination rate was attained. Repeated lies and forever escalating vaccine mandates might be a signal that the government is out of control and action needs to be taken.

If you know where you stand then you’re more likely to notice the incremental change that goes too far and less likely to allow incremental changes to accumulate into a totalitarian regime. You should also ask the organisations you work for where they would draw the line so you can hold them accountable to it.

What are the risks of Tyranny?

It’s obvious that being trapped within a tyrannical regime is not fun and may be accompanied by oppression, unjust prosecution, suffering and torture. However these things are hard to measure. Deaths are easier to measure. Well somewhat easier, some estimates vary considerably because it’s difficult to know exactly how many deaths occurred in combat, how many deaths there were in prisoner of war camps, how many civilians were slaughtered and how many civilians died indirectly through famine and living conditions. Here’s a table identifying number of deaths due to various causes:

Cause Number of Deaths
Hitler’s Regime (WW2 total) 80 million
Mao’s Regime 45 to 80 million
Stalin’s Regime 20 to 60 million
Covid World Total 4.9 million
Hitler’s Regime in Germany 7.4 million
Germany Covid Total 95,000
Australia Annual Suicide Average 3,000
Australia Covid total 1,653

From this data we can conclude:

Governments are more deadly than covid

Further, we can conclude:

Mental health issues are more deadly than covid

Note that deadly governments and suicide disproportionately kill young healthy people. Covid mainly impacts old sick people.

The covid deaths statistics are questionable. It’s difficult to determine the cause of death of an old and sick person who contracts covid. If the default answer is covid then the statistics are over-estimating the number of deaths. The question of whether someone died from covid or died with covid may not be appropriately addressed. Australian Bureau of Statistics data suggests 91% of reported deaths had comorbidities. This figure may not accurately capture obesity and poor lifestyle factors which would push that percentage even higher.

If we had statistics to indicate healthy life-years lost, covid would appear far less deadly. I’d guess a healthy life-years lost of close to zero would apply to many people who have been recorded as dying from covid.

The number of recorded covid cases is a massive underestimate. Many people and most children are asymptomatic and would not get tested, or would avoid testing to prevent giving tyrannical leaders more reasons to apply escalating tyranny. So the case fatality rate from covid is even less than what the statistics indicate.

Another interesting point is that covid is spread throughout the world whilst totalitarian regimes are limited in geographical location. We can easily see that tyrannical governments have caused far greater deaths than the world total covid deaths, but when assessed within a particular location, governments are monumentally more deadly than covid. For example, in Germany, the government killed about 10% of the population over a few years through WW2, whereas covid has killed a bit over 0.1% of the population. That’s nearly two orders of magnitude difference. And many of the deaths in WW2 were healthy young men, woman and children. Covid mainly targets the old and sick. Imagine if we compared healthy life-years lost, the difference would probably grow by another factor of 10!

We are not immune to the processes that lead to Stalinist Russia or Mao’s China or Nazi Germany. In fact we are seeing characteristics within our government and culture that were common in those totalitarian regimes. All governments are at risk of this process at all times. It requires constant and ongoing attention to keep in check. The consequences of not keeping it in check, although delayed, are far worse than allowing it to proceed in the name of a perceived short term benefit.

With decades of prosperity and relative peace, perhaps the most important reasons for freedom have been forgotten. Perhaps we’ve forgotten about the soldiers who have died in previous wars so that we’d be free from having to show our papers. Freedom is not just a nice-to-have luxury that allows people to have their own way. Freedom is for keeping governments serving their people. Freedom is for keeping democracies working properly. Freedom is for allowing people with differing views to find compromise or common ground. Freedom is for preventing power from becoming too concentrated. Freedom is for reining in power-mad leaders. Freedom is for preventing tyranny. Freedom is for correcting corrupt hierarchies. Freedom is for allowing people to speak the truth. Freedom is for giving the people at the bottom a voice. Freedom is for preventing the suffering, torture and murder of millions of people.

Freedom matters. Governments should be our servants, not our tyrants.

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  1. Unfortunately you’ve lost me on this one. I have loved your posts but I have a negative slant on conspiracy theorists. Each to their own I say but I don’t poke my views on others. Good luck with whatever your decision and the consequences it may create

      • I’ve got better things to do than than waste time debating this unwinnable argument but you of all people would know that the vast majority of everyday people are quite dumb. If you want to let every joeblow dictate the outcome of this mess then we will be in some serious shit.
        I’m happy for an individual to make their own mind up regarding the vaccine as long as that decision is backed up with the pledge to take responsibility for the outcome. But that will never happen because we are a society of do-gooders.
        Yes there is risk but Im happy to listen to the majority of superior medical minds and their opinions. I dont believe many of them are politically motivated.

      • Hi Graeme the government is controlling what medical professionals can and can’t say. How can that not be politically motivated? You are not seeing the opinions of superior medical minds, that can’t be found, coz voicing their opinions will lose them their license.

      • Regarding: “… government is controlling what medical professionals can and can’t say. How can that not be politically motivated? You are not seeing the opinions of superior medical minds, that can’t be found, coz voicing their opinions will lose them their license.” — outbackjoe

        (Very valid comment!)

        Skipping ahead, the reason I’m on this site and into off-roading is preparedness with equipment and developing the skills using it for preparedness for the harsh times to come.

        Combining that with this: “… I have a negative slant on conspiracy theorists.” — David Meier

        David, and group, let’s examine the concept of conspiracy theorists and consider that in disparaging it, you are a conspiracy theorist yourself!

        Science, real science and not what it has been morphed into in the minds of most of the public as “consensus science” (an oxymoron), starts with observation of the world around us with questioning and intent to seek truth. Science is questioning everything including science! We hear from self-professed advanced thinkers in science their proclamation of “The Multiverse.” Really! “The Multiverse” stated as if it is accepted to exist, proven and everyone accepts that without question (consensus again) does not exist. Has anyone ever seen another universe? You would think it would be called “The Multiverse Theory” but no, it’s presented on the same level as scientific law yet what has been around since the year 1620 and functions as a highly reliable model for chemistry which is everything all around us is somehow STILL called “The Molecular Theory.” Why is it still a theory? It predicts the outcomes of chemical reactions quite reliably! These new elitists in science together with the influence of Luciferian billionaire owned biased networks and censoring social media and monetary interests of such magnitude that they influence governments around the world have put into the minds of people that they are science with a large portion of the populations accepting authority of consensus science as their idolatry.

        Science is not authoritarian as lately presented as “appeal to authority” is a logical fallacy. Lately we hear such foolishness as “the science says.” Science doesn’t say anything. There are studies and there is data, but people tell us what they think it means. They might be correct or incorrect or perhaps they have a financial interest (corruption) and telling us what they are paid to tell us.

        David, from the perspective of science, theory is a step after observation regarding questioning and seeking truth which is what real science is about, so theory is not of the realm of “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists” of ridicule. Instead, it is a long-accepted multiple century old standard of our scientific method.

        Conspiracies have been around for all of the thousands of years of world history of hundreds of nations that come and go. In fact, world history is a chronology of conspiracies!

        Now, with all that as a preface, let’s examine who is the conspiracy theorist here. You mean to tell us that there have been thousands of years of conspiracies among hundreds of nations throughout all of history yet somehow there are no longer conspiracies and they have suddenly stopped! That is quite a radical theory! Who is the conspiracy theorist here?

        In world history, there has been nations conquering nations and abominations. The nature of the world hasn’t suddenly changed. Are you intending to tell us that we should trust elitists, who among them are eugenicists, as those who know best for us? We should do as they say without question and as their dupes suppress and ridicule others who dare to question? Do we also support and grant authority and even demand governments imprison those who have true scientific minds to question and seek to verify or even have theories that there might just be something diabolical behind the takeover of the world?

  2. Very good article. Thanks! I understand Australia has gone crazy with this Luciferian global governance and selective genocide agenda. Here in my United States of America, it is dividing us. I’m in Utah where there is partial sanity yet with a lot of the population clamoring for dictatorial rule. Florida remains a free state. Many of our states are ready for war against those who love our EXCEPTIONAL Nation and intend to keep it.
    From following OutbackJoe, I’ve had the fantasy of shipping my Cayenne over there to live and drive on the beach to surf fish and enjoy your bounty of wide open land and coastline while being productive with my industrial capabilities. I also liked that it was so far from trouble spots of the world. I could make it happen, but now Australia is the trouble spot for the people already under dictatorial rule only to get worse particularly with only allowing criminals to own firearms.

  3. David Meier, As a devout conspiracy theorist, I proudly explain that world history of thousands of years of hundreds of nations is a chronology of conspiracies. How psychological operations got to you and so many who snap to their side upon calling them a name for them (and you) to act against their own interests in futile attempts to prove they aren’t a conspiracy theorist or a racist makes no sense to me as it defies logic, but perhaps you can tell us how you are so susceptible. Please also explain how the nature of the world that there have been conspiricies all along has suddenly changed and now there are no conspiricies and it is crazy to even imagine such a possibility. Also, please post your imagination of the world you want imposed upon us and tell us how we will be so much better for it.

  4. Remember the disease we called…. POLIO

    It ravaged many some years ago, but after a huge immunization service to the people it has now gone

    Or are some going to say otherwise – if so tell us where the last known case of Polio was found ??

    It is just a simple way of life, get your 2 x antivirus injections and you can travel on a plane, go to the football and live a normal lifestyle with like minded friends.

    If you don’t want to go to these places, don’t get the protection the antivirus injection gives.

    Today 02/11/21 there were 990+ cases detected and 9 people died in Victoria.

    Yes, you do have a choice, if your N0T vaccinated the HEALTH Professionals say you are at risk.

    If you want to be at the risk of getting Covid that’s ok by me, why should others worry about you or your family, because if you get Covid and give it to them it’s not our fault – it’s YOUR fault.

    • Yeah vaccines are great, they’ve saved millions. This article isn’t about the risks and rewards of vaccines, it’s about government enforced medical treatment. That’s never happened before, unless you include the administering of hydrogen cyanide to jews by the nazis, but it’s happening now. Creeping tyranny has happened a few times, with a few hundred million dead.

  5. Please please stick to 4WD stories and adventures. WE ARE NOT qualified to comment on medical issues unless you are an epidologist or had a relative to copped a dose of COVID19
    regards Ric

      • The government are not qualified either – for anything. One does not have to be ‘qualified’ with anything to ‘comment on medical issues’ – to write this information he has shared here. One just needs to be able to THINK, reason with logic, and have the courage of his convictions to share it. Thank god.

  6. Hello Joe Interesting article plenty of issues to get involved in. However the first thing that struck me was that you state that my opinion on vaccination is not relevant yet approximately 40 to 50 percent of this article is about vaccination and how people are being made second class citizens. I think you are trying to have it both ways.Instead of going into a very lengthy discussion of your article I will be brief. I agree with a large proportion of this article. 

    An argument could be made that at this stage of the COVID situation that it is now all politics and minimal if any health concerns. As a general rule I do not support mandatory vaccinations. It is obvious that they are forced vaccinations. Don’t split hairs if you aren’t vaccinated you cannot work. It is self evident. However there are some occupations where vaccinations for communicable diseases should be mandatory obviously the health industry including aged care is an obvious area where you as an employee are dealing with high risk people. This is as much as for the safety of the employee and their families as the people they deal with. However I believe it must be in proportion to the occupation area specific if you prefer. The devil is in the detail. We have the ability to control the tyrannical power crazed politicians. As a whole you need to take more interest in our politicians of all persuasions and listen to what they say and there views. Then if we as a people disagree we must vote them out and hopefully put in more responsible people.  Who will do they job they are paid to do run the country for the benefit of as many of us as possible.   I congratulate you on providing an article which will give me and my mates a long discussion point on our camping nights around the fire. And on a not so serious note hopefully you have not originated this article in Victoria as I think you could be getting a knock on your door . Hopefully you are wearing your pyjamas when you open the door.


    • Haha it’s a bit scary that you can even make that type joke, it’s funny coz there’s some truth in it. I’d say the article is about government enforced medical treatment, and more generally creeping government tyranny.

      Yes maybe there is a case for health care workers, but it needs to be investigated and discussed appropriately. I have two questions that I’m not sure about:
      1. What precisely is the risk of an unvaccinated health care worker to a high risk patient? Vaccines do not stop transmission.
      2. Assuming there is some reward of forcing health care works to vaccinate, are you sure the benefit is worth setting the precedent of government enforced medical treatment? How have you checked that?

  7. Hi Joe from the USA. Our mainstream media scarcely mentions what’s happening down under. I recommend you and your audience check out Epoch Times. They’re a cutting edge news organization. From them, I learned about the Wuhan Center for Virology way back in December 2020. Also that the bat in question resides 1000km away, they were in hibernation, no bats were at the wet market, no infected animals were found, and Shi Zhengli had been experimenting on bat coronaviruses for over a decade. Lab leak still sounds like a conspiracy theory?
    Also from Epoch Times, I’ve read just how Orwellian life is getting down under. What separates us is our 2nd Amendment. I have little doubt we’d be experiencing the same tyranny were it not for the fact. MAKE SURE TO VOTE while they still permit it.
    PS: while I’m not a clinician, I know there are intermediary treatment routes. Vitamin D (balanced with A, D, K, P5P and magnesium) as well as quercetin, and zinc will supercharge the immune system. Bromelain prevents inflammation by blocking the cell’s ACE2 receptors. It also has an effect on the spike protein since it is an proteolytic enzyme.
    Failing that, ivermectin, aspirin, prednisone, anticoagulants, and doxycycline have been shown to help someone with symptomatic illness.
    Bottom line, it doesn’t have to be a choice between the prick (pun intended) and the vent. As you say there are myriad shades of grey. That’s why open and rigorous debate is the cornerstone of a free and open society. I hope yours doesn’t go the way Mussolini’s Italy.

    • Hi Blainsbrains yeah there is no debate in Australia, just authoritarian announcements. Combine this with the woke wanting to outlaw free speech means we have a very dangerous situation developing. Mussolini’s way might be around the corner if we’re not careful.

  8. Please just stick to 4wd, touring topics.
    Going down this path will only help you lose the respect of the outback, 4wd community (regardless of what side your on)
    Btw, How are the Nittos doing?

    • Hi Frank this is a 4WD touring topic, coz if 4WD touring is banned by a tyrannical government, or if we’re all in concentration camps, there will be no 4WD touring. The Nittos are going great, maybe done 60,000km, still no heavy duty long haul offroad missions to really test them out, been hard to do any big trips living in the most locked down country in the world. Might do something this summer if supreme lord commander mcgowan lets me.

  9. Thank you for taking the time to write what you have on your site. I was (very) pleasantly surprised to find this on your site. You’re right, it’s not about one’s opinions on vaxes at all. Many people now miss the point that it is far beyond that. Millions of people around the world are saying the same thing – take note of what happened in Australia at the Rallies this weekend alone (20/11/21). If one only watches mainstream media you won’t have much of a clue unfortunately – it’s censored and misreported. Very sad.
    Another comment that might be helpful for some who are reading this site and believe the governments and health-care workers are our saviours and know how to make our decisions for us? Earlier this year every healthcare worker registered with the professional registering body in Australia (AHPRA) was issued with what amounts to a gag order regarding the injections and anything else to do with the mandate. That is, your nurses, ambos, doctors, psychologists, etc – in every setting. I know that for a fact. At their own admission, the average GP does not know the full research. They have to say and do only what the government tells them. That is no conspiracy, it is a fact. Anyway, the piece written on this site isn’t for or against – it’s about encouraging thinking for yourself, and above all be very active in doing everything you can to at least not contribute further to the segregated, divisive society we are becoming. That is our greatest threat.

  10. Outbackjoe I thought you were quite intelligent and I also thought this was a 4×4 / fishing / camping / outdoors site, not a site for aspiring political apprentices.

    My brother-in-law aged 59 died of COVID four months ago, his mother aged 83 contracted it at the same time, however she recovered (possibly due to the fact that she had already had her first dose). Had the Government (not it wasn’t here in Australia) mandated that all over 50’s (or whatever age) be vaccinated, he might still be alive. What do you reckon?

    Take your blinkers off mate………….

    • I dunno, he could have died from the vaccine, or got hit by a bus on the way to get vaccinated, or committed suicide like the many others who have during this period of increasing government tyranny, or have been marched into a gas chamber in a few years time if things keep trending in the direction they’re going. Maybe the cause of his death was the government’s inadequate investment in the health system rather than covid. Speculation about his death is massively productive and addresses the content of this article with great precision.

      Perhaps he was grateful that he was able to lead an oppression free life.

      Are you suggesting that everything should be banned and we should be forcefully bound to our couch coz it will save lives?

      You really think governments should decide what medicine people must take?

      Are you a holocaust denier?

      You think personal attack on intelligence is an appropriate response to the content of this article?

      You think possibly (but possibly not) saving a person’s life by forcing something onto them that they object to is worth the future torture and murder of millions of people and all the other negative outcomes identified in this article?

      Get ya head out of the sand mate….

      Put yer thinking cap on sir….

  11. Sometimes our communication doesn’t connect well. Too many words and it is obscure or ignored. Too few and it is not a whole picture with meaning lost and the picture not conveyed. A picture is worth a thousand words and a movie is 50 frames per second for two hours. Has everyone seen the movie: Wonder Woman 1984? I really didn’t change the subject — really! Some common experience might help. The movie is about unintended consequences. It holds the answer to all of the world’s problems: “Renounce your wish!” Wishes were frivolous based upon first thought based upon promises be it from an evil (small g) god as in the movie or a politician. Either way, the promises don’t happen as imagined and they come with taking something from you be it from your very soul and character or your work and dreams in the form of taxation and confiscation of your efforts to be used against you. Did you look past the main scenes into the building chaos of the background? Isn’t that what is happening in the world? How far will we go with it before people renounce their wish? Stop following presumed self-professed elitist authorities with idolatry beliefs in false (small g) gods like “consensus science” an oxymoron as those two words don’t go together and science is not a religion to have faith in nor is it an authority not to be questioned as real science is about questioning everything including and especially science!

  12. Thanks, Outback Joe for this very in-depth info, I am not in support of mandatory jabs when they are experimental and only authorised under emergency use only, the impact of jab injuries are just mind-blowing and totally unfair. We have felt the pain of these mandates as we have said no to them my partner was stood down and I will also be given the same once I have recovered from a work accident which I love my coach tour guiding job but won’t choose it over this jab, I can always come back to it later. The fact that our option to chose was taken away plus our constitution says the Gov can’t mandate them either. It has also come to light that as many businesses come under federal law so they can’t mandate them either, so businesses have been warned in my area to seek legal advice if they have forced these CHO directives or the Mandates as they could liable for lawsuits if they have forced this on their staff and they have been injured. I had a heart attack in May last year and that is why I will not comply my partner has anaphylaxis so it’s just a no brainer were not anti-vax we have all the others we just won’t be lab rats for this experimental jab. Thanks again for this and great to see this on the web. 🙂

    • Sam and group, I am anti-vaccine and not being that is not a prerequisite for credibility as truth can come from either. In a food processing plant where I have installed machinery I have manufactured, there are those in management who would favor mandates for the so called “vaccine” that is Emergency Use Authorization meaning an experiment. In a strange twist, firing those who don’t take it will result in hiring them back and firing those who do take it because they shed spike protein contaminates that have never existed in nature and consumers won’t want to buy the tainted food. I present that for those with “faith” in the “consensus science” that it can easily backfire on you even if you believe it does no harm (which is yet to be seen regarding long-term results).

  13. Tyranny feeds on lies. Thanks for this thought-provoking post, Joe.

    I’m into the wise professor’s teachings as well.

  14. Hi outbackjoe, I totally agree with you. Anyone who thinks mandates are a great idea has no clue what actual freedom is. What those people fail to realise is that one day they may be forced to make a decision against their will. If not them, then possibly their children at some point in the future. I chose against the injection and the more time passes and the more we learn about the past couple of years, the more I am glad with my decision to remain a pure blood. Anyone who believes the government has their best interests at heart has lost and is truly disillusioned.

  15. Great article Joe. I visited your blog to learn about dual battery systems, and then found this very well thought out article. Bless you.

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