Salmon Camp 2021

There’s been a dire shortage of camping missions recently, what with the covid and rat racing commitments. And we missed the salmon run last year. So this year it was doubly crucial that the annual traditional salmon mission went ahead. A team of world class fisherman were assembled and this is what one of them caught:

joe with big australian salmon

Not everyone on the fishing team was world class. In fact probably only one member was. Among the amateurs was the new guy. His skills are poor but I’m training him up to be a salmon fisherman of the highest caliber just like his old man. He helped spot salmon schools. He’s not very good at it.

the new guy looking for salmon

The new guy spotting salmon schools. Wrong way son, salmon are in the water not the dunes.

For cooking I tried something different this camp – battered deep fried salmon.

cooking australian salmon on the beach

deep frying salmon in batter

deep fried australian salmon in batter

I was hoping, if deep frying can make cockroaches taste good, then it can make Australian Salmon taste good too. And it worked! The unpleasant fishiness was gone and it tasted like a normal bit of deep fried fish just like from the fish and chip shop. The only thing that gave it away was the firm texture. Of course it helped being bled straight away and super fresh and with all the dark coloured meat removed.

Here’s a couple of sunset pics for your viewing pleasure, that’s it for now, happy salmon season!

beach sunset

watching the sun go down

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    • Come on down man the iron ore price is 200 bucks a tonne, they’re so short on people even if all you can do is speak english you’ll probably get sponsored to run an iron ore mine or something. If you got any skills above that then the sky’s the limit!

  1. Hey Joe, great to hear you’re back on the Salmon hunt. I believe the new ‘salmon spotter’ guy is better than you are aware, he is actually showing you where the Salmon are over here on the east coast!!

  2. 1. The pairing of Emu Export and Fresh Salmon… exquisite.
    2. Salmon don’t run like the used to, it’s more of a canter due to the effects of solar winds. Watch out for 2026 when the confluence of cosmic effects will turn the canter into a gallop for a brief period. It will be an event not to be missed and the savvy fisherman will already be making preparations.

    • Thanks for noticing my sophisticated beverage selection, you really need to be an experienced connoisseur to get these things right. By the way are you a famous DJ in a techno outfit?

      • Yeah mate used to travel the globe pounding out relentless beats. Bit harder these days, maybe 2022 will be the big comeback year…

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