How to Catch Australian Salmon

How to Catch Barramundi

How to Catch Mulloway (Jewfish)

How to Catch Squid

Croc Safety – Land Based Fishing with Crocodiles

Croc Safety – Land Based Fishing with Crocodiles at Night

Our Fishing Setup for Touring / Camping

The Holy Trinity

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  1. hi , you are a very funny guy , you also have some very useful and sobering advice about fishing with crocs. Walking back to camp this arvo from the hot springs at katherine i noticed 3 indigenous fishermen and woman baking a medium size barra on the embankment. they told me that they had ALSO hooked up a big barra using a live black bream as well as hooking up a couple of smallish crocs. I m thinking about going back there tomorrow arvo for a session. the place looks like an ideal platform, 3-5 metres up off the river . it actually looks like one of the pictures in your blog. the indigenous guy appeared to have hooked up the big barra amongst the pandamus roots below water. there were also two barramundi in the hot water spring which i saw when snorkelling, which was excellent to see. i dont drink and i reckon a 5 metre start is all i need. my only concern is butting into the locals food zone but i will ask them if its okay first. thanks for the very practical tips on land based crocodile fishing. peter

    • Yo Peter yeah that spot where the locals hang out near the hot springs is one of the photos on my Katherine fishing page. Any luck fishing? Katherine can be a bit hard but it’s not too deep into the dry season yet so probably better luck than what most people have later on in the year.

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