The Holy Trinity

Last Updated 23/01/2020

big barramundi ord river


davenport creek beach-south mulloway

easter australian salmon deepdene

In Australia the three most highly prized fish species for land based fisherman are:



Australian Salmon

These species are commonly grouped together and termed the Holy Trinity of Australian Fish Species. It’s the dream of many anglers to tour around Australia and land at least one each of the Holy Trinity species. That was my goal when setting off on my fishing and camping trip around Australia in February 2012.

Origins of the Holy Trinity

For their own unique reasons, Barramundi, Mulloway and Australian Salmon are extremely desirable to anglers and have always been highly regarded. They hold a special place in the hearts of most Australians. Well for me they do anyway, so I invented and defined the Holy Trinity. It’s the traditional goal for Australian anglers. A tradition held by only one person – me. A tradition that has been around only since I fashioned it. A great tradition nonetheless.

Catching the Holy Trinity Fish Species

I don’t usually toot my own horn, but yes, I’ve conquered the Holy Trinity. And yes, it does make me more desirable to the opposite sex. I’ve written articles on how to catch each of the Holy Trinity fish species. Click here for Barramundi, Mulloway and Australian Salmon. I also have blog entries on actual catches of each of the Holy Trinity species from my tour around Australia. Click here for Barramundi, Mulloway and Australian Salmon.

There is no doubt that you should jump on board with this tradition and catch yourself the Holy Trinity. The sense of satisfaction and achievement is overwhelming when you are successful in this mission. I’d put it at the top of your list of things to do before you die.

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  1. In Australia the three most iconic fish for land based fishermen are 1:MURRAY COD 2:Barra 3: maybe Mullys arguable with a bunch of fish like kingfish, snapper, tuna, GT, Aussie Bass, Dusky Flathead, Saratoga, Mangrove Jack, every big pelagic fish, but definitely not salmon trout…

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