Davenport Creek Beach, South Australia. Mulloway Conquered.

Yesterday we drove 20km from Ceduna and camped at Devonport Creek Beach (and got bogged driving on the beach and had to use the maxtrax to bail us out). This is the first time we have actually camped ON the beach. Usually we’d hide from the wind behind the dunes or at a designated campsite but the conditions were perfect for camping and fishing on the beach. There is a designated camping area inland on the banks of the creek itself, with no facilities except pit toilets. Access is quite easy, sand is firm throughout most of the dune tracks and easy to traverse with reduced tyre pressure. The beach gets treacherous heading east from the beach entry, rather narrow and sloping and caught us by surprise as the rest of the beach is wide and much firmer.

There was no wind so the water was calm and flat. It was warm and sunny so was perfect for a swim. The only downside was the gazzzzillion mozzies and midges that came out at night made bearable by the fact we caught a couple of Mulloway off the beach. First mulloway on this trip, completing part two of the Australian Holy Trinity of Fishing. The Mulloway were not large as they can grow to 25kg+ but will still make a top-notch meal in the coming days. After catching two Mulloways, Joe would have kept fishing all night until the bait ran out, had a birds nest not formed in his rig. Using a torch to untangle was impossible – within seconds you were inundated with midges. Up your nose, in your eyes and ears, any exposed orifice was at risk.

We were lucky enough to witness three or so pods of dolphins frolicking closely up and down the beach for over an hour yesterday. They surfed the waves and were highly entertaining to watch.

Ceduna is a popular crabbing & fishing town confirmed by the fact Joe caught a few squid straight off the jetty outside our caravan park the other day which we cooked for dinner last night on the beach.

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