Team Barra Strikes Back With Unprecedented Multiple Barramundi Catch

Facing terrible misfortune from numerous consecutive lure losses and suffering severe mosquito bites all for no results, Team Barra, consisting of Joe, James and Malcolm, bounced back from adversity to find themselves basking in the glory of a double barramundi catch and the associated fame, feasts and celebrations. Resorting to high risk night fishing beside mosquito plagued crocodile infested waters, barra was landed at both Shady Camp crossing on the Mary River adjacent to the crocodile viewing platform, and at Cahills Crossing on the East Alligator river in an area noted for 6m crocodiles. Multiple hook ups and a sized landing at each location made for a satisfying fishing tour through the top end of the Northern Territory. The feeling of catching barramundi can only be described as better than anyone who hasn’t caught barra has ever felt.

Having completed the Australian Fishing Holy Trinity (salmon, mulloway and barramundi), Joe’s focus now shifts to the tropical trifecta – mud crabs, queenfish and threadfin salmon. First a break to allow stress levels to return to normal after working so close to man eating crocodiles over several nights.

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