Dundee Beach

Parting with our guests after our barramundi success, we headed home to Katherine to clean up and rest for a couple of days. Then we left for Dundee Beach, a small fishing / holiday town about 1.5 hours drive West of Darwin. Spent one night at the lodge in the camping area. We enjoyed a relaxing few drinks at the bar and finding out fishing spots from some locals. It wasn’t all enjoyable though, as the camp grounds are inundated with biting midges. An unpleasant bite for Joe, fortunately they leave no lasting effect. Not so for Sharni, who was left with large, weeping, blistering, painful welts at every bite site. We will be better prepared next time, with long sleeved clothing and a thick covering of insect repelant. Forget about the so called “natural” repellants, you need something with DEET, and a lot of it.

Apart from the biting midges, the beaches in the area are beautiful and largely untouched. It’s a good spot for a cruise along the beach and some fishing and beachside relaxation. The second night we drove up the beach and found a camp spot near Boat Creek – a tidal creek a few km from town. The tidal flows through the creek are impressive. Joe fished the creek, got one barramundi hook up but failed to land. Also got a nice chunk taken out of a soft plastic lure by an unknown fish. The beach was terrific – calm, turquoise, typical tropical beach, and the weather was warm and balmy. The tides are huge, and when they recede, expose oyster covered rocks. The oysters are very small though.

The beaches around Dundee are quite firm and wide so safe to drive on at reduced pressure, but take care with the tides as the top of a spring tide results in quite a narrow section of beach remaining. There’s a maze of tracks running along the beach to explore. Further up the beach is the mouth of the Finnis river, which apparently fishes very well. Will return for another fishing trip once Sharni’s wounds have healed.

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