Northern Territory, Australia

Return to Litchfield

The territory has really turned up the heat the last few days, with max temps around 35 deg C. After Dundee Beach we couldn’t resist a return to Litchfield to laze around the Wangi Falls pool. This definitely wasn’t a case of going for the obligatory swim to complete the tourist attraction. It was hot and there was nothing better to do than cool off in the beautiful pool. We camped at the Wangi camp ground and were lucky to sneak into one of the last available camping bays around 11am. The camping area fills up quick every morning.

The night before we arrived at Wangi, a grassed area had been ravaged by feral pigs. They are relentless in their search for food, tearing up the ground as they seek roots and bulbs which they eat. Quite effective at turning soil, it’s a shame they can’t be employed for preparing your next veggie patch.

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