Northern Territory, Australia

Berry Springs, Northern Territory

We took the back way out of Litchfield so we could visit some springs for a cooling swim on the way home to Katherine. Berry Springs are berry good. Located about an hour from Darwin on the Cox Peninsular road, Berry Springs are ideal for swimming and also offers a kiosk and good picnic facilities. The springs start with a narrow elongated spa type arrangement similar to Katherine Springs and Bitter Springs near Mataranka, it then opens up to a large deep pool perfect for swimming. Not a hot springs, they are a warm springs. I’m guessing the water temperature to be around 28 deg C, which is a good few degrees warmer than your typical stream fed rock pool like those found in Litchfield. This was one of my favourite swims to date. The weather was hot – around 35 deg C. No cold shock when entering, warm enough to relax in all day to escape to hot weather, and a large deep pool much larger than any warm / hot springs I’ve yet been to. Brilliant. I wish it had camping facilities.

Sharni found some dentures submerged on the bottom of the Berry Springs main pool. An amusing find, and possibly indicative of the most common demographic visiting the springs, and any camp ground or caravan park in Australia for that matter.

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