Our very first post…yay!

In January 2012, Joe and Sharni will leave their jobs to embark on a long term camping trip around Australia!

Joe has spent the last 10 years dreaming of the day he would purchase a Hilux and take it easy by travelling, camping, 4WDing, fishing, exploring Australia and having time off work.

Sharni has been listening to Joe talk and talk and talk and talk about his dream of ‘being a bum’ for what seems like eternity! AND after a decade of such quotes like …

  • “when I get the Hilux…”
  •  “when I just camp and fish for a living…”
  • “when I retire and fish…”

Sharni was starting to think that day would never come. Then in October, Joe surprised Sharni with a 2007 white SR5 Toyota Hilux, FINALLY!

It is our hope to keep our site updated leading up to our trip and when we hit the road.

Currently, Joe is busy buying everything and anything that can fit onto or into the Hilux to turn it into the ultimate 4WD home on wheels while Sharni is busy packing up the house and trying to figure out which shoes and dresses she can fit in the back of the Hilux!

Joe and Sharni (the BOSS)

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  1. Dear Sharni and Joe,

    Wishing you all the best for you big adventure into the outback!! May it be filled with many happy and wonderful memories 🙂

    Please keep an eye out for an invitation to a certain event back in Perth!! I will email you closer to the time- as you will need time to plan your trip back to Perth 🙂

    Keep safe and enjoy!

    Lots of Love,
    Whitney and Evan xoxo

    • aww thank you Jassy. I hope you’re enjoying your school holidays, I certainly am. I hope you are not missing me too much. Make sure you pop by and say hello again soon.
      Love Mrs S – the LEGEND!

  2. hi mrs S…we are going to busselton with juan’s family. (might be able to go fishing). wishing you all the best on your adventure.
    GOD BLESS!! love Jamie A (the little girl allergic to grass)your student.

    • Hello Jamie
      How did Juan and yourself enjoy Busselton? I was there two weekends ago for a big music festival. I hope you kept away from the grass…make sure you bring a nice big cushion to class with you in Year Three so you can still sit on the grass without actually touching it 🙂
      Visit again soon
      Mrs S – the most legendary teacher ever

  3. Joe and Sharni , Just wanted to say hello and hope that you enjoy your holiday that you both deserve , just dont forget about us and let us know about all the fun that you are having . Take care, love mama xx

  4. hello mrs S can you send me some photos when you leave i would like to see it i know im going to love it if i went anyway goodbye!$$$ from Joanne!

    • I am going to miss you. I just wanted to say and tell you about my holiday. I stayed at VIETNAM for FOUR weeks it was fun but I hate sleeping but its fun.

      • Hello Joanne
        I am glad you enjoyed Vietnam. You were very lucky to go for four whole weeks. I hope your brothers didn’t annoy you too much. Make sure you visit here often so you can see all the pictures of my big holiday. Good luck in Year Three 🙂

  5. hi Mrs S! Thank you for my dvd it was awesome. We loved watching it. I have watched it alot of times now. Hope you and mr S have a wonderful holiday. Make sure you keep safe and i cant wait to see you again.
    Love you lots LUCA MACRI.

  6. hi mrs S i just wanted to say r u having a great time can u plzz tell me where u r are u at the top of australia or at the bottom

  7. hi mrs S i was just going to tell u i think i just think i made a little mstake bewtween where u r are i dont think i have a trouble at spellin right

  8. hi mrs S i hope you r enjoying it around australia i want to know where r you going soi can discover it on the internet i got to go.

  9. Hello Joanne
    I am in a town called – Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Next week I will be going to a city called Darwin also in the Northern Territory.
    How is Year 3 going?

  10. i’m not really enjoying year 3 because were doing naplan but mrs ferrante said we are going to have choclate fountains so thats what i’m aming for also were going to start thease things about charlie and the choclate factory and were going to do a dirama of it to with modering clay thanks for the uluru card to but i did’nt realy understand about that there was only 1 of the cards! 🙂

  11. Hi Mrs S the legend it was fun with you and have fun on your adventure love Alyssa . Maybury.

    Alyssa obviously loved having you this week! She had to write you a note already!!! Enjoy the next part of your trip 🙂

    • Hello Alyssa
      I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment. I have been so busy camping and fishing out in the bush. Alyssa, make sure you visit the blog every now and again and say hello.
      Mrs S – the legend
      P.s. hahah i’m glad I didn’t scare Alyssa too much hahaha

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