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Seal Creek Campsite, Cape Arid National Park, Western Australia

After a couple of hours driving from Condingup we reached the Seal Creek Campsite that backs onto Poison Creek Beach in Cape Arid National Park. The track is in reasonable condition but is recommended for 4WDs only. We arrived on Good Friday morning just in time before all the camping spots were filled up. It has nice well protected private campsites with a decent gas bbq, rain water tank and a clean pit toilet. The campsite was a 2.4 km drive from the Poison Creek Beach. The creek had flooded onto the track to the beach, but it wasn’t deep and the ground below was firm so it was an easy drive to get onto the beach. We camped at seal creek for three nights. We explored the Thomas Fishery Campsite which is accessed via a rough, rocky and slow going 4WD track. Thomas fishery is a small, over grown camp area with a pit toilet that requires maintenance.  We also had a look at the ruins of the old Hill Springs homestead which is just off the track on the way to Thomas Fishery. It’s amazing that early settlers lived there in such isolation. We spent a couple evenings fishing and having a bbq on the beach at poison creek where Joe landed some salmon.

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