Northern Territory, Australia

Gunlom Falls, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Having conquered barra and not wanting to spoil our good luck that kept us alive whilst mixing with crocodiles, we decided to spend our final night with James and Malcolm at a scenic camping area void of fishing and crocs. Gunlom falls is sensational. Beautiful falls and pool at the base, steep climb to the top, and excellent rock pools rewarding your climb right at the top of the falls. The climb up is a good challenge, but take care. A lady lost her footing on the way down and smacked her head just in front of us. I hope she’s ok. The road to Gunlom is terrible – badly corrugated and poorly maintained. Some people in 2WD vehicles tackle it but 4WD is reccomended. At around 40km of bad track, we imagined rocking up and having the camp grounds to ourselves. How wrong we were – Gunlom is very crowded and expensive at $10 per night per person. We had problems finding a campsite with a free fire ring so we ended up having to share with some other campers. However the natural beauty of the area makes up for the crowds. Terrific place. We completed our day with a sensational camp oven chicken roast and some drinks by the campfire.

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