Los Angeles, California

If there’s one thing we’d say is a “must do” in Los Angeles, it would be travelling on public transport. What an exciting and informative exhibit of LA culture! We saw an African American lady with a tiny waist and huge ass swaggering like she was a super model shaking her booty up the escalator, an African American little fat kid dancing like Michael Jackson up and down the steps and onto the train, a dude who started rapping and tapping a beat on the door of the train, a big fat lady talking loudly and singing who could have been Eddie Murphy dressed in a fat suit and a super cool teenager with a sideways cap and very loose pants.

We had to give our van back upon arrival in LA, hence the need for public transport. No more sleeping in Walmart carparks either. We stayed in a dodgy hotel in Hollywood. The area was somewhat less glamorous than we envisaged. We caught up with the chaps we met in San Francisco and had dinner at their house and donated to them some of our blankets, left over food and the guitar that Daryn gave to us in Texas.

Did you know there’s actually a guy named Wayne King and he was famous? And that John Howard was a famous actor before becoming prime minister of Australia? Incredible.

Sadly that’s it for mainland USA. Next stop Hawaii and then back to Brisbane. We’ve had a hell of a time in USA. Friendly people, massive country, more attractions then you could ever visit, endless natural beauty and cheap! In no way did we see all of the country but we were lucky to have a few months to give it a good crack!


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